15 Best Workplace Blogs To Follow

Workplace design has become an important topic of discussion among researchers, experts, and organisations, o the extent that we find hundreds of news and blogs debating the value of open versus closed office space. One of the main reasons for this heightened interest is due to the emerging trend of “work-life balance” and “wellbeing”.

This can be further illustrated by hundreds of productivity and collaboration tools which are available in the software and internet-of-things (IoT) markets.
In this article, we have collected 15 of the best workplace blogs, without any preferences, that can guide you to better understand and explore your workplace and employee productivity.


Best Workplace Blogs to Follow - Gensleron
Gensleron is a research and insight company which carries research around modern cities, lifestyles and the workplace. They have a dedicated section for each of these topics.
In terms of the modern workplace, they have great articles on how design can help us become more engaged and productive as we earn our livings.
Link: http://www.gensleron.com/work/


Best Workplace Blogs to Follow - Workrpro
WorkPro is a platform that delivers, tracks and manages key areas of workforce compliance. They have a very resourceful blog which talks about all the necessary topics concerning workplace safety.
Link: https://www.workpro.com.au/category/read/

3. Officevibe

Best Workplace Blogs to Follow - Officevibe
Officevibe is a cool platform to manage employee collaboration and managing team. They have a cool looking blog with creative visualization around the topic of workplace and employee productivity.
Link: https://www.officevibe.com/blog

4. Workdesign

Best Workplace Blogs to Follow - Work design
Workdesign is a digital publishing group which talks about various topics related to the evolution of workplace culture, research, and design. They provide great insights, tips and CEO talks related to designing smart workplace.
Link: https://workdesign.com/category/expert-insights/

5. Greatplacetowork

Best Workplace Blogs to Follow - Great place to work
Greatplacetowork provides various services to organisations in order to help them with their workplace design and building a great company culture.
They have insightful blogs related to work-life balance and company culture.
Link: https://www.greatplacetowork.com/resources/blog

6. Workplaceinsight

Best Workplace Blogs to Follow - Workplace Insight
Workplaceinsight is a popular publication which is dedicated to the design and management of workplaces. In addition, they are great resource for new ideas, news and information.
Link: http://workplaceinsight.net/category/news/

7. Workplaceanswers

Best Workplace Blogs to Follow - Workplace Answers
Workplaceanswers provides various educational material for companies to ensure ethical, inclusive and secure workplaces. They have different training packages available on their websites. They also have an impressive blog which talks about all the compliance related topics like harassment, business ethics, anti-corruption and data security.
Link: http://www.workplaceanswers.com/resources/blog/

8. Rospaworkplacesafety

Best Workplace Blogs to Follow - Rospa Workplace Safety
Rospaworkplace safety is a dedicated blog all related to workplace safety and hazards. Unlike other blogs which are mostly related to productivity, work-life balance and design, Rospa is only concerned with the accidents and casualties which takes place in offices. They have many articles related to guidelines for ensuring safety at work.
Link: https://rospaworkplacesafety.com/category/workplace-safety/

9. iOfficecorp

Best Workplace Blogs to Follow - iOffice Corp
iOfficecorp provides a range of technology solutions for office that can help you monitor and manage your workplace end-to-end. They have a great blog which talks about smart workplaces and how to make facility management easy.
Link: https://www.iofficecorp.com/blog/topic/smart-workplace

10. Officesnapshots

Best Workplace Blogs to Follow - Office Snapshots
Officesnapshots is a one-stop platform where you can find a huge database of offices around the world. Their website is filled with great insights into latest office trends along with a great visual library of offices.
Link: https://officesnapshots.com/articles/

11. Rework with Google

Best Workplace Blogs to Follow - Rework with Google
It is always great to learn from the masters and there is no other company to do it better than Google. Rework with Google is a great website to learn about the practices, research, and ideas from Google and others to help you design your own culture.
Link: https://rework.withgoogle.com/

12. HBR Workspaces

Best Workplace Blogs to Follow - HBR Workplaces
Harvard Business Review is certainly a leader in the content related to business and technology. They have the range to articles concerning everything business, however, they also have a dedicated category for workspaces. It provides interesting insights and trends into the modernisation of workspaces.
Link: https://hbr.org/topic/workspaces

13. Fastcompany Open Offices

Best Workplace Blogs to Follow - Fast Company Open Offices
Fastcompany is a widely known technology and design blog among entrepreneurs and other professionals. They have in-depth articles, interviews and visual content around various topics. Hence, it is worthwhile to look into all the articles they have around the workplace.
Link: https://www.fastcompany.com/search/workplace

14. Blog PCG

Best Workplace Blogs to Follow - Blog PCG
PCG is an end-to-end real estate service provider which goes to the last mile of delivering a workplace to enhance the efficiency of your business.
Hence, they have a different perspective towards workplace which is worth listening to.
Link: http://blog.pcg.com.au/

15. 99u Adobe Workspace Design

Best Workplace Blogs to Follow - 99u Adobe Workspace Design
99u Adobe is a very popular blog all related to design and creativity. However, they have a great category around workspace design which can provide great inspiration for your own space. They provide trends and styles which are popular in modern offices.
Link: https://99u.adobe.com/category/career/get-to-work/workspace-design

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