5 situations you'll wish you had Teamgo

Are you considering investing in a Visitor Management System, but aren’t sure if it’s worth it? Let’s talk about 5 situations that would have you wishing you had Teamgo…

1. The V.I.P.

The Problem
This one’s simple. You’ve got a V.I.P. coming in for a meeting, someone you want to impress. Turns out it’s a busy day, your receptionist has many tasks on their plate and is prioritising other work over visitor satisfaction. The V.I.P. shows up and isn’t treated the manner you would have hoped. By the time they get to their meeting their mind is already half made up.

The Solution
You preregister the V.I.P. through Teamgo’s dashboard and make a note for the receptionist to give them their full attention. If you know what sort of coffee or tea they like, make a note of it. Get your business’s best foot forward from the moment they step into the building.


2. The Evacuation

The Problem
A fire starts in the office, it’s in the reception area, the visitor book goes up in flames! The alarm sounds and people start to make their way out of the building. Visitors and Contractors don’t know what the safety procedures are or where to meet once they have evacuated. Eventually, you meet everyone that knows where the emergency point is, but have no list to check that everyone who was in the building is there.
The Solution

Using Teamgo’s evacuation feature you can send a notification through either push, SMS or email to everyone on the premises giving explicit instructions and a map of where to meet. Since Teamgo is cloud-based you have a list of everyone on site ready to go on your phone. Combined with your already in place safety procedures, Teamgo makes your workplace more than prepared for an emergency.

3. The Accident

The Problem
Your business employs a large number of contractors. You require them to watch an induction video every three months for them to be covered by insurance. One of these contractors unknowingly comes into work a day over his three-month limit. He hurts himself on the job, and when you go to claim the insurance they check your records and find he hasn’t completed his three monthly induction. They don’t pay you out.
The Solution
Using Teamgo you can keep track of whenever someone last completed their induction. With this feature you can automate any induction or other legal documentation to whatever time limit you need. Covering your business and it’s employees at all times.

4. The Theft

The Problem
Your company deals with products of a sensitive nature, and there are strict rules regarding who is and isn’t allowed on site. One day some of your product goes missing, but looking at the staff that were on shift, and the visitors you had that day you can’t accurately track who was in that area and when. You have to check the entire days worth of security footage and start a lengthy and potentially expensive investigation.
The Solution
Teamgo allows you to check exactly who is on site, where they are, and what they doing both in realtime and retroactively. Using this data you can accurately search for the most likely culprits if something has gone astray. It adds an extra layer of security to your workplace and the people who work there.

5. The Wrong Person

The Problem
You have a meeting scheduled with someone you’ve never met before. You haven’t got a clue what they look like. The receptionist rings your office and informs you that your visitor has arrived. You venture to the reception area, there are five people waiting for various meetings. You can either assume who is there to see you or have to awkwardly ask all five who is there to see you, setting a bad impression from the get-go.
The Solution
Using a Teamgo Kiosk in your reception area you can have visitors take a photo for a visitor badge and for your records. Then you will receive a notification in the Teamgo Pass app with the contact details and the photo of your visitor. You know exactly who to look for and can start your meeting off strong.
So there you have it… Five situations that will have you wishing you had Teamgo. If any of these situations sound familiar to you why not try a free trial today? No credit card necessary. 
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