6 Hacks to Workplace Happiness and Productivity

The ordinary person spends just under 80 years on earth, 50 of which are spent as an active worker. Let’s take into consideration that the average working week is 39.2 hours long. That means we spend 1,842 hours over the course of a year at work (5 weeks of holiday assumed). Now, let’s break this down a little bit further. If we actually manage to sleep 8 hours every night, it means that 35% of our total waking time over that 50-year span is spent at work (Revise Sociology). That’s a large chunk of our lives to spend in (generally) crammed, lifeless offices! So, the question is: how can we ensure that the time spent in the office is enjoyable and has a positive impact on our mood and the way we work?
With that in mind, we at Teamgo, came up with 6 Hacks to Workplace Happiness and Productivity.  

1. Fill your space with indoor plants

Thanks to an evolutionary instinct called biophilia, which creates a bond between humans and other living systems, there are many benefits to being surrounded by more nature in your day to day life. The positive outcomes range from reducing stress levels and health complaints to increasing motivation, productivity and creativity. And on top of it all, they clean the air too!

2. Take a walk

Do you ever feel like you’re just sleepwalking through work? Easy! Just go for an actual walk! Whether you’re walking over to a colleague’s desk or going out for a lunch stroll, the benefits of getting up and moving are immense. Research has shown that increasing your mobility can reduce tension, and improve enthusiasm, relaxation, creativity and focus, which lead to a superior employee and company performance.

3. Incentivise group lunches

Encouraging staff to grab lunch together or even organising potlucks can significantly help to increase their sense of belonging. Some employees might feel a bit awkward regarding team-building activities, but bonding over shared meals is infinitely easier. Just think about it, food is central to almost every celebration. Group lunches can improve team dynamics, productivity and give people who wouldn’t normally interact, the ability to get to know each other.

4. Praise your people

One of the main reasons employees leave their jobs is because they feel unappreciated. It is common for people to work extensive hours and work harder than expected to prove themselves. Although, if these efforts go unnoticed, staff can feel discouraged from giving their best. According to research, employees feel that recognition is one of the main components of workplace happiness and that the lack of it impairs their productivity. Thanking team members for their work and acknowledging their success (especially in public) can go a long way!

5. Flexible work hours

Employees who work very long, fixed hours do more work than those who work flexible hours, right? Not necessarily. A study by Boston University found no link between working long hours and increased productivity. In fact, it found negative health implications of doing so, such as sleep deprivation, signs of depression and increased chances of heart diseases, which result in a higher number of sick leaves and employee turnover. Giving employees autonomy over their working hours, on the other hand, is reported to improve employee happiness, productivity and even increase the total amount of hours worked.

6. Implement technology to streamline processes

There are many small tasks that employees have to go through on a daily basis that takes their time and attention away from what they are employed to do. From dealing with too many scattered emails to booking meeting rooms, there are countless technological solutions to streamline the workday. There are now systems that can help with team brainstorming, enhanced communication, and even visitor management, which is what we do!

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