Customise and Brand your visitor management system

A visitor management system kiosk is one of the first things a visitor will see when entering an establishment. With Teamgo, the kiosk is an iPad visitor management system. The kiosk is easily accessible and also highly customisable. Users are able to adapt the features to best suit their needs but also customise the kiosk to create consistency with their workplace and workplace values. 

Topic 1: Brand consistency

When your company has a business in a highly competitive market, brand consistency becomes an important role. Being consistent within your messaging and also your design will help set your brand apart from your competitors. Improving brand consistency will lead to earning more trust, brand recognition and positive reception by your customers. Teamgo users can customise their kiosks by incorporating brand colours and logos to match existing company branding.

Topic 2: Best suit your needs

We live in a world where everyone wants things to stand out and create a mark. People expect businesses to deliver custom options to better their experience with your business. The ability to customise anything and everything to fit your consumer and business’s preferences is essential to help accommodate your consumer’s needs. 

With Teamgo’s visitor management system you have everything you need to customise your consumer’s experience. The following elements can help to create a unique space for your consumers:

  • Customising elements: Using different tools such as colour, font, text box, and scaling objects.
  • Choosing a background to fit your brand’s aesthetic. 
  • Adding new elements such as your business logo, a clock, a QR code scanner and options to select different buttons to lead to specific areas of your business.
  • Creating flows that will create a sequence of screens assigned to a specific button.

Additional features that can be altered to best suit your organisation’s needs include integrating apps already in use. Teamgo’s integrations enable consumers to connect with the following:

  • Active Directory: connecting with Teamgo for automatic provision of user data 
  • Google: syncing google contacts for management of user data 
  • Microsoft Azure: connecting with users for syncing data and sign-in functions

Teamgo’s security visitor management system is in place to assure consumers are safe when on-premises. Teamgo’s contactless check-in allows users to keep track of arrival records for both visitors and employees, assisting with workplace efficiency and any emergency efforts.  Users are also able to create watch lists and trigger instant alerts when those unwanted visitors come onsite or attempt to access restricted areas. Utilising a facial recognition visitor management system also maximises the security within your organisation. 

 Our mission at Teamgo is to help create software products that can be trusted by any organisation. We strive to meet the highest standards in your data’s privacy and security. 

For more information and a guide on customising your kiosk please visit this link here

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