How to best make use of visitor management data

On any given day, a large number of people pass through the average workplace. Clients, employees, staff members, family and job applicants all visit for various reasons and for various lengths of time.

In reality, organisations and their reasons for maintaining a visitor sign-in are as diverse as the organisations themselves. However, there are a few overarching advantages to keeping accurate visitor records that make the extra time and effort worthwhile for organisations. The primary advantages are:

  • Analytics 
  • Emergency preparation 
  • Security 

The purpose of a visitor management system is to collect visitor information such as names, dates and times of visits, contact details and images so that a clear record of who entered and exited the building can be recorded. This can be quickly and easily accomplished through the use of a sign-in app.

Though many businesses are still closed, many are reopening with the health and safety of their employees and customers as their top priority. Most states now require businesses to implement a COVID-19 workplace policy to limit transmission and face heavy fines and closures for non-compliance.

A visitor management system helps to evaluate the risk of infection from everyone who enters your workplace and can notify your personnel of important COVID-19 updates, including symptoms from a high-risk visitor or employee.

Contact tracing

Through most of 2020, businesses around the world prioritised effectively managing and monitoring third-party guests. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, organisations have been forced to reconsider the security procedures previously implemented for all employees entering and exiting each facility, not just visitors. It has become a requirement and a key ingredient for a safer environment.

The spread of COVID-19 is being influenced directly by contact tracing. Contact tracing programs and digital solutions continue to be shown in studies to successfully slow the spread of the virus.

Companies must recognise the significance of collecting sign-in records and the advantages they can provide in ensuring a healthy and safe workplace. The Teamgo visitor management system can also reinforce contact tracing efforts by utilising contactless sign in, inspection questions and employee in and out panels.

Health checks

The ultimate goal of healthcare facilities is to provide care for patients, and visitor management ensures a safe environment for members of staff to do their jobs and assist the community.

COVID-19 imposes new regulations on patient visitors in hospitals across the country. The Teamgo visitor management system can pre-screen visitors before they walk through the door using a custom survey. Temperature scanning, patient room capacity limits, contact tracing with reports and a digital check-out process are also valuable features of our system.

Capacity management

The Teamgo visitor management system also ensures an accurate count of visitors on-premises by monitoring check-ins and check-outs in real-time. Reducing overcrowding and creating an environment in which visitors can practice social distancing will help to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Organisations can keep track of visitor capacity without the need for manual counting to avoid exceeding the maximum number of visitors permitted on the premises.

Anyone in a building can be identified at any given time using visitor management software. Furthermore, the Teamgo system enables staff to detail and study a variety of visitor patterns for internal insights. 

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