How Visitor Management can increase productivity in law enforcement

Law enforcement is one of the world’s most high-pressure industries and requires strict policy and procedure management. The onset of the pandemic has further highlighted the need for these measures and the importance of streamlining processes. Teamgo’s visitor management system is one way to increase efficiency and productivity within areas of law enforcement, so the officers can focus on keeping the community safe.

Pre-Register visitors

Enrol your visitors before they arrive with Teamgo visitor pre-registration. Collect important compliance, safety and security information, screen visitors and issue QR codes.

  • Custom pre-registration invitation emails and forms
  • Build templates for your visitor types
  • Setup custom forms and workflows
  • Request documents, photo ID and more
  • Helps support COVID19 and contact tracing compliance

Visitor Sign-in

Capture all visitors from invitation to arrival on location. Visitors can sign in by scanning contactless QR codes, registering on iPad kiosks or completing safety and security workflows.

  • Sign-in with iPad kiosks or QR code posters
  • Complete custom sign-in workflows
  • Express sign-in for return visitors
  • Record accurate sign-in/out data
  • Supports COVID19 and contact tracing efforts

Visitor badges

Teamgo allows users to print visitor badges upon arrival or pre-print for collection when on site. This feature ensures employees can easily identify types of visitors and include unique details or a QR code for easy sign-out.

  • Instant print with thermal visitor badges
  • Customise content and layout
  • Include re-usable QR codes to identify visitors
  • Set badge issue and expiration dates
  • Support for Brother QL series label printers


Deliver messages and build your sign-in workflows in your local language, making communication easier for your visitors and employees.

  • Build your own language templates
  • Customise iPad kiosks and notifications
  • Let visitors switch between iPad kiosk languages
  • Setup templates for email and SMS messages


Send instant alerts and messages to all people on-site when you have a critical event. See who is signed in and provide emergency information with just a few clicks.

  • Live visitor records of who’s on location and their contact information
  • Send instant SMS and email messages about the emergency to everyone or specific groups
  • Create message templates for critical event types and save time when you have important instructions to send
  • Build Teamgo evacuations into your emergency workflows and procedures

Manage Capacity

Limit the number of people allowed to sign in across your locations to keep a safe and compliant number. Get instant reports and monitor your visitor flows.

  • See a live record of the number of people signed-in
  • View instant updates of your capacity limits
  • Get notified when you hit capacity
  • Support your COVID19 policies and compliance objectives

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Get started with a free 30 day trial – all features included, no credit card required.

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