How Visitor Management Systems Will Change the Aged Care Industry

The aged care industry is in an era of unprecedented change. Consumers are begging for the embracement of the assistive technological revolution and the aged care industry is listening. Technology is disrupting the way we do things in everyday life, so why shouldn’t it change the way we live in our later years as well? What we need is a seamless integration of technologies into daily living, assessment, care planning and delivery. As long as we treat assistive technology as an integral part of the process instead of being tacked on it will change the way we think about aged care forever.

Among the ever-growing list of technology and software that exists to streamline day-to-day living and the workplace are Visitor Management Systems. Visitor Management Systems, or VMS, have many features that are beneficial to the aged care industry and their residents.


Can you easily find the name, contact details, and location of every person in your facility at this moment? How about this time last week? Visitor Management Systems provide a user-friendly and fast way to track the comings-and-goings of people on your site. Instead of complicated and difficult to file paper-tracking systems a VMS provides a cloud-based alternative that is accessible from any device. They can even be customised to hold any details you require, such as Emergency Contacts or Medical Conditions.

Emergency Evacuations

In the event of an evacuation can you contact every person on the premises? Is it possible some residents can’t hear an alarm? With a VMS you can instantly send out a notification of an evacuation or other safety messages. If people are off-site they can be notified that the building is unsafe to return to. Building redundancies into your emergency procedures will strengthen your aged care facilities safety image.

Smooth Service

Can you name something visitors want more than a streamlined check-in process? No one enjoys long queues and questions they don’t know the answer to… A good VMS is a strong addition to any reception area. When operated properly alongside staff it will solidify the feeling that your residents are in safe hands, while also cutting down on the amount of time receptionists have to spend ferrying visitors and contacting residents.


Having a good and well-known image is something any brand needs. Visitor Management Systems offer a chance to enhance your brand image with residents, employees and visitors. Showing that your Aged Care Facility is accepting new technologies and evolving to help make the residents lives safer and easier is a fantastic way to draw new clients to your brand.


There is tremendous value in having a collection of data regarding who visits your facilities and when they do. The data you gather using a Visitor Management System can be used to help target new clients, decide when you do and don’t need additional staff, and almost anything else you can think of. If you want to survey your visitors you can easily add questions to their sign-in process to discover the data you need.

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