Hybrid workplace

In the last two years, remote working has been the ‘new norm’ for many organisations that have been affected by COVID-19 restrictions and closures. Since countries and state lines have begun to re-open, a hybrid model has been put in place within many companies that choose to incorporate more flexible working arrangements. This model provides an opportunity to implement different strategies and optimise more resources.

As companies transition to the hybrid model, a number of COVID-19 safety measures need to be considered. Companies have been encouraged to allow their employees to work remotely, whether that be from home or in socially-distanced co-working spaces. Policies like this, help to minimise the spread and also encourage the use of contactless visitor management systems to check-in at different locations. 

What are the benefits of a hybrid workplace?

Work-life balance: 

Businesses have recognised that the hybrid model approach provides more opportunities for their employees to establish a positive work to life balance. With employees encouraged to work from home during the pandemic, teams have adopted more ways of using technology in the workplace. This has demonstrated how organisations can still function effectively and efficiently while improving overall work-life balance. 

Extended hiring radius: 

Companies are able to expand their recruitment radius to allow more hires in a remote setting. By expanding the hiring radius, organisations are able to gain access to a larger pool of suitable applicants and also develop a more diverse workforce. With this benefit, businesses are no longer limited to hiring employees who live in the immediate area or state. 

Lower operating costs:

Hybrid working environments lower the operating costs of office space. This includes costs of utilities, supplied necessities and ongoing property maintenance. These reduced overheads contribute to overall expenditure within an organisation.


How to implement a hybrid workplace

As the world continues to navigate the pandemic, the hybrid work model is starting to feel like the way of the future. It comes with its challenges and opportunities, but businesses can use this model in their own way to set boundaries and keep their employees engaged within their individual workspaces. 

Online visitor management systems are beneficial in a hybrid workplace. Integrations such as productivity software and time-tracking tools provide an understanding of workload and ensure work hours are used efficiently. Managing the culture of the team is also important. Having daily virtual meetings can also help to maintain a sense of togetherness and teamwork.

When implementing a hybrid workplace it’s important to ensure the right technology is available to store documents and track records. Teamgo can build employee forms customised to business requirements. Additionally, while employees are working from home, it is important they are still signing in to their workday. Teamgo’s electronic visitor sign-in system offers easy check-in and can be accessed via the Teamgo app on mobile devices.

To find out more about how Teamgo can help your organisation implement a hybrid working model, contact us here.

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