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Courtney Chesser
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Visitor Management

Visitor Sign-in

Welcome to Teamgo, where upgrading your workplace reception is as easy as a few taps! Say goodbye to sign-in books and hello to our exciting visitor management software. Check out the benefits:

  • Streamlined sign-in: Use iPad kiosks or QR code signs for quick and convenient visitor registration.
    Tailored workflows: Customize sign-in processes to suit your specific needs and enhance visitor experiences.

  • Express check-in: Speed up return visitors’ sign-in with our efficient system, saving time for everyone involved.

  • Comprehensive tracking: Capture and maintain accurate visitor arrival history for improved security and record-keeping.

  • Emergency communication: Instantly send important alerts to visitors onsite, prioritizing their safety and well-being.

  • Health and safety compliance: Support your organization’s health and safety protocols and contact tracing efforts seamlessly.

Contractor Sign-in

Easily invite suppliers to add their workforce, request documents, track expirations, and more.

  • Streamline contractor management

  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics

  • Effortless document management

  • Document expiration tracking

  • Seamless check-in process

Parcel Arrived


Easily track and manage deliveries, ensuring efficient package handling and enhancing workplace safety. Benefits include:

  • Instant delivery notifications for employees

  • Options for driver sign-in, signatures, and package drop-off

  • Accurate records of driver deliveries

  • Customizable delivery sign-in workflows

  • Maintaining compliance and safety standards effortlessly

Safer and healthier workplaces
with Teamgo


Review visitors before arrival with pre-screening questions and reduce potential risks from entering the workplace.

Contactless Sign-in

Deploy QR code sign in points and use Teamgo mobile apps to reduce surface contact and spread of possible infections.

Vaccine Tracking

Request proof of vaccinations and use visitor records for any contact tracing and auditing of critical events.


Limit the number of people you allow on site and trigger alerts to your office managers when capacity limits are reached.

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