Integrity and security of your data is our highest priority

Over a thousand organisations worldwide trust Teamgo with their data. From enterprise to government, education and non profits, we’re responsibly manintaining dependable and secure infrastructure that meets compliance objectives.

Security is a paramount priority at Teamgo. From how we develop our solutions to transference of data between systems, we continue ensuring standards are maintained and access to information is restricted. As we expand functionality for transformative workplaces and deliver better business intelligence to organisations, we're focused on ensuring data security is key to all decision making for the systems we develop and the people that use them​

Chhai Thach
CEO of Teamgo

Secure online web dashboard

Our easy to use, centralised cloud dashboard is designed for administrators and employees alike working across multiple offices and locations. Built for working teams, assign employees to groups with permissions that give them access to the right tools for operating a more efficient workplace.

We store your data on secure cloud servers that can only be accessed by people you specify. Your data is maintained with detailed logs that can be exported with just one click or direct integration to existing systems.

Teamgo is highly sought after for enterprise and government customer or those that require compliance with PCI, ITAR, DSS, and other regulatory frameworks.


System architecture you can rely on to protect your data.

All Teamgo customer data is securely transferred using HTTPS (industry grade SSL connection) across the Teamgo iPad app, Teamgo pass app, Teamgo dashboard and the secure cloud and servers.

At rest, data is encrypted using AWS encrypted databases and AWS S3 Server-side Encryption. Teamgo ensures protection against denial-of-service (DoS) attacks using CloudFlare’s advanced DDoS protection.