Teamgo Announces Leadership Change

Teamgo, a visitor management software company with customers around the world, has announced a leadership change. Mr Chhai Thach who has been leading the technical and growth team will move into the Chief Executive Officer position. Mr Steve Barrett, who has been the head of the company since its founding in 2013, will move into the Chief Operating Officer position.
Mr Chhai Thach is recognized as a driving force in growing the Adelaide startup community through his role as a founding director of the first private co-working space in Adelaide SouthStart Co-work, and by founding and directing the nationally recognized SouthStart Conferences. A software engineer by trade with over ten years experience in business management and software development, Mr Thach will bring a renewed perspective to Teamgo.
The change in responsibilities reflects the demand and growth of the company, with over 450 enterprises and government customers world wide that have already deployed Teamgo’s products.
Mr Barrett said “Progressing onto the role of Chief Operating Officer will allow me to focus on our customers, to understand their immediate needs and to deliver the right solutions to fit those needs now and for the future.”
Speaking about the new role, Mr Chhai Thach said: “As we continue to grow, Mr Barrett will bring a new level of engagement with our customers while I take on the demand of growing Teamgo. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to take on these challenges now as we step into 2018 and our fourth year of the company.”
About Teamgo
Teamgo is a leading enterprise software platform that improves workforce efficiency, reduces operational costs and creates digital transformation for the office. Its product, Teamgo visitor management had been deployed by government and enterprises around the world.
Founded by two entrepreneurs, Mr Steve Barrett and Mr Chhai Thach, in 2013.

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