Vaccination Checking

Simple and effective checcking of your employees and contractors vaccination status and boosters. Stay safe, stay compliant.

For Visitors

Give visitors confidence and peace of mind your protecting them and your workplace with vaccing certificate checking.

For Employees

Track your employees vaccinations and boosters with easy to use document submission and management.

For Suppliers

Ensure your suppliers and contractors arriving on site meet your vaccination requirements before arriving.

Stop critical health outbreaks at the workplace

Request important documents, certificates and licenses from your visitors to keep your compliance in check and workplace safe from safety, security and health risks.

  • Pre-register and request documents before people arrive on-site
  • Build online forms and request document uploads
  • Collect data on iPad Kiosks at arrival and sign-in
  • Add document expiration dates with auto-reminders
  • Capture photos of licenses, certificates and ID’s 
  • Many supported file formats like PDF, Doc, XLS, Jpeg etc

Track Vaccination Status

Ask your workers to submit vaccination certifications and see their status in live and historical reports. Teamgo can request and store documents in the users records so you have access to important data when you need it.

  • Send vaccination document requests to your Teamgo users
  • Ask employees to complete forms anytime you send them and request their supporting documents
  • View live records of current vaccinations when documents are submitted
  • Notify employees when documents are expiring or have expired
  • Display alerts on sign in Kiosks if documents are due or expired
  • Support COVID19 policies and compliance objetives

“Teamgo provides essential software to book student meetings and manage arrivals”

Sam Stengert
Business Student Hub Coordinator,
University of South Australia

Manage occupancy levels at the workplace

Limit the number of people allowed to sign-in across your loacations to keep a safe and compliant number. Get instant reports and monitor your visitor flows.

  • See a live record of the number of people signed-in
  • View instant updates of your capacity limits
  • Get notified when you reach capacity
  • Show your visitors you are at capacity when they use kiosks
  • Support COVID19 policies and compliance objetives

Temperature scanning thermometer

The Teamgo Digital Temperature Scanner uses safe and touch-free infrared technology to scan your people’s forehead body temperature when they arrive at the workplace. Ensure you keep your people and workplace safe and healthy with instant checks on arrival.

  • Use the device on it’s own or connect to a Teamgo iPad Kiosk
  • See temperate read instantly on the device LED screen
  • Hear audio Beeps when temperature is scanned
  • Use it for visitor sign-in, employees and your regular contractors

COVID-19 Safe protection
with Teamgo


Check documents and licenses before people arrive and have your visitors pass health checks and submit important work certificates.

Contactless Sign-in

Reduce the spread of germs and viruses with the use of QR codes and touch free iPad kiosks for visitor and employee sign-in at the workplace.

Vaccine Tracking

Request compliance certificates from visitors and employees ensuring your workplace stays safer and healthy in the event of a critical outbreak


Limit the number of people you can safely allow at the workplace and monitor traffic in real time with instant alerts and notifications.

Take quick action in critical event situations

With Teamgo visitor management you can send instant alerts across one or multiple workplace locations and export all your data in just a few clicks to help authorities with contact tracing abilities

  • View live data on who is currently onsite
  • Trigger instant alerts if your required sign in questions return positive or negative results
  • Send customised location based alerts to all visitors signed-in or specific user groups
  • View live on screen reports or export historical data for health authorities to assist with contact tracing
  • Support your workplace COVID19 policies and compliance objectives

Committed to your privacy and security​

Part of our mission is to create software products that can be trusted by any organisation. We strive to meet the highest standards in your data's privacy and security.


Our policies and controls are designed to protect the collection, use, and disclosure of users information.


Our secure infrastructure, commitment to reliability, and 3rd party testing work together to safeguard your data.


We’re committed to helping you meet your safer workplace strategies and enhancing our own compliance.

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