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In today’s climate, visitor management systems have become the new normal. But what does “visitor management” really mean? How does it work? And what can Teamgo do to get your business prepared for critical events? In this article we answer all of these common questions.

What does visitor management mean?

Electronic visitor management systems are used to sign-in and track visitors who arrive at a workplace through QR codes and facial recognition. These systems are becoming increasingly popular across a range of industries to keep businesses safe and secure. Teamgo uses cloud software to keep detailed pre-arrival and arrival records of all guests and employees that enter a workplace. Not only does this keep staff and visitors safe, but it’s a great way to manage your health and security compliance checks.

How does Teamgo work?

It all starts with the Teamgo iPad kiosk. Download the free Teamgo app on your iPad to create custom workflows and achieve your business goals. The software comes with a number of features that make it simple to track the movements of staff and visitors. From QR Codes, cloud hosting and online support, there is so much to explore.

Once the app is downloaded to the iPad kiosk, users can start to build sign-in workflows into the interface. These could include, QR code check-ins, pre-arrival form requests and more. The magic doesn’t stop there, once a person arrives and interacts with the system, owners have the ability to control the output. Whether you want an arrival notification, a printed visitor badge or emergency alert, this can all be controlled through the installed workflows. All these actions are completed seamlessly, efficiently and quickly by the system, so that you can concentrate on your business. The iPad kiosk also has a number of privacy and security features installed which protects your data and physical hardware.

Benefits of the Teamgo visitor management system

Teamgo systems combine a user-friendly interface and modern design to deliver a simple and effective service. The system is easy to use and makes signing-in quick, efficient, and contactless. There is also no limit to the number of visitor sign-ins or staff accounts a system can have. This means the system can scale with your business.

Keep track of visitors for safety and security

By having a visitor management system installed you can store important information, use QR code check-ins and keep your employees safe all in one place! With the Teamgo system you can even mark visitors on deny or watch lists and trigger alerts when they come onsite or attempt to access restricted areas.

Screen visitors with COVID-19 questions

It has become really important for businesses to screen visitors before they arrive on site to adhere to COVID-19 management recommendations. By using a visitor check-in system, you can request clients, contractors and other guests to submit forms that declare their health status before they walk in the door.

Users can also request visitors to answer questions on arrival. This could address important details about their health, travel or other COVID related enquiries. You can then trigger alerts to the right people so that you can protect your workplace and effectively communicate in an emergency. This is also extremely helpful in the event contact tracing is required.

Custom Workflows

With the Teamgo system, make the most of our powerful workflow feature. Decide what features you want on your iPad kiosk and customise the user experience. 

Right from the moment a person checks-in to when they leave your business, you can tailor their interactions to suit your business needs. Ask for information, log their health status and print out visitor badges to achieve optimal security.

Real-time reports

In the event you need to know who has previously been at your workplace and when, the reporting feature can retrieve reports on visitor arrival at any time. Users can email these reports directly from the iPad kiosk to any email address.

Emergency Alerts

With just a few clicks users can handle a critical event in an efficient and safe way. The iPad kiosk can send out alerts and messages to all people on-site in the event of an emergency. See who has signed-in and provide information quickly.

Visitor Badges

Print visitor badges when guests sign-in or pre-print for collection on arrival. By presenting their visitor badge, staff members are able to easily identify the person in the event of an emergency.

Industries Teamgo has worked with

Teamgo is used by businesses all over the world to digitally transform their workplace, including enterprise, government, education, and non profit organisations.

If you are interested in trying out our software, request a 30-day free trial and see what all the fuss is about!

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