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What’s new? Improved Terminal Designer, Group Sign-ins, Teamgo FaceID and Offline Sign-in

If you are a current Teamgo customer you might have gotten an email a few days ago, announcing our new set of features and improvements. These features and improvements were built based on feedback and requests from you, our customers.

So, first of all, I would like to thank you for your support and contribution!

I want to deep dive on some of these new features and explain the decisions behind each one.

Improvement to Terminal Designer

The feature

The core design thinking of Teamgo is customizability. We understand each of your visitor flows and registration processes are different. Therefore, a huge investment was put on the Terminal Designer to give you the full set of tools to customise the kiosk to your specific needs.

We have made improvements to the Terminal Designer’s user interface. We have added clearer button labelling and brought the flow list (sort screen) to the first step. Our goal was to make it easier for you to jump straight into making changes to the most relevant section.


Users with no graphic design tool experience would get a bit confused when first interacting with the terminal designer. We heard your feedback and have delivered on it.

Group Sign-in is Now Available

The feature

We’ve added a new feature called group sign-ins, where hosts who are expecting a group of visitors will only get one email/SMS notification after all expected visitors have signed-in.


Don’t you hate it when there is a group signing in and you get multiple notification messages? Well, we’ve fixed that.

Introducing Teamgo FaceID

The feature

Security and privacy are our utmost priorities and we take these seriously. We have delayed the rollout of face recognition multiple times due to the market’s scepticism of this technology, including serious and legitimate concerns regarding personal privacy.

Teamgo has deployed FaceID on a per customer basis to evade this concern. If enabled by you, visitors and staff can sign-in using only their face. This is isolated to your organisation. Please contact us if you would like this feature enabled.


  1. Biometric authentication adds another layer of security to your site. It enables you to be 100% of who’s on-site and have proof of it.
  2. Teamgo is committed to the shift between streamlined technology to seamless invisible technology. We want to provide a more convenient service to our customers.

Offline Sign-in

The feature

Teamgo now has built-in support that will kick in offline mode if you experience wifi connectivity issues. Visitors and staff will still be able to check-in as usual when the Internet is down. When it comes back online, the data will be synced with the Teamgo server and deleted from the Terminal. The only downside to this feature is that hosts will not be notified during this period.


Sometimes, computer networks fail. It’s just the way it is. We wanted to provide a way to keep your workflow going even when you have connectivity issues. We understand and appreciate that a disruption to your visitor management system can impair your organisation’s efficiency and compliance.


We have added four new/improved features to Teamgo Visitor Management System to provide you with a better experience:

  1. Improved terminal designer: easier-to-use interface to edit your flows
  2. Group Sign-in: the host will only get one notification if a group has signed in
  3. Teamgo FaceID: face recognition technology for sign-in and out
  4. Offline Sign-in: keep your workflow going even if your internet is down

If you have any suggestions for how we can continue to improve our Visitor Management System, please contact us at [email protected]. Your feedback is valuable to us.

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5 situations you’ll wish you had Teamgo

Are you considering investing in a Visitor Management System, but aren’t sure if it’s worth it? Let’s talk about 5 situations that would have you wishing you had Teamgo…


1. The V.I.P.

The Problem

This one’s simple. You’ve got a V.I.P. coming in for a meeting, someone you want to impress. Turns out it’s a busy day, your receptionist has many tasks on their plate and is prioritising other work over visitor satisfaction. The V.I.P. shows up and isn’t treated the manner you would have hoped. By the time they get to their meeting their mind is already half made up.

The Solution

You preregister the V.I.P. through Teamgo’s dashboard and make a note for the receptionist to give them their full attention. If you know what sort of coffee or tea they like, make a note of it. Get your business’s best foot forward from the moment they step into the building.


2. The Evacuation

The Problem

A fire starts in the office, it’s in the reception area, the visitor book goes up in flames! The alarm sounds and people start to make their way out of the building. Visitors and Contractors don’t know what the safety procedures are or where to meet once they have evacuated. Eventually, you meet everyone that knows where the emergency point is, but have no list to check that everyone who was in the building is there.


The Solution

Using Teamgo’s evacuation feature you can send a notification through either push, SMS or email to everyone on the premises giving explicit instructions and a map of where to meet. Since Teamgo is cloud-based you have a list of everyone on site ready to go on your phone. Combined with your already in place safety procedures, Teamgo makes your workplace more than prepared for an emergency.


3. The Accident

The Problem

Your business employs a large number of contractors. You require them to watch an induction video every three months for them to be covered by insurance. One of these contractors unknowingly comes into work a day over his three-month limit. He hurts himself on the job, and when you go to claim the insurance they check your records and find he hasn’t completed his three monthly induction. They don’t pay you out.


The Solution

Using Teamgo you can keep track of whenever someone last completed their induction. With this feature you can automate any induction or other legal documentation to whatever time limit you need. Covering your business and it’s employees at all times.


4. The Theft

The Problem

Your company deals with products of a sensitive nature, and there are strict rules regarding who is and isn’t allowed on site. One day some of your product goes missing, but looking at the staff that were on shift, and the visitors you had that day you can’t accurately track who was in that area and when. You have to check the entire days worth of security footage and start a lengthy and potentially expensive investigation.


The Solution

Teamgo allows you to check exactly who is on site, where they are, and what they doing both in realtime and retroactively. Using this data you can accurately search for the most likely culprits if something has gone astray. It adds an extra layer of security to your workplace and the people who work there.


5. The Wrong Person

The Problem

You have a meeting scheduled with someone you’ve never met before. You haven’t got a clue what they look like. The receptionist rings your office and informs you that your visitor has arrived. You venture to the reception area, there are five people waiting for various meetings. You can either assume who is there to see you or have to awkwardly ask all five who is there to see you, setting a bad impression from the get-go.


The Solution

Using a Teamgo Kiosk in your reception area you can have visitors take a photo for a visitor badge and for your records. Then you will receive a notification in the Teamgo Pass app with the contact details and the photo of your visitor. You know exactly who to look for and can start your meeting off strong.


So there you have it… Five situations that will have you wishing you had Teamgo. If any of these situations sound familiar to you why not try a free trial today? No credit card necessary. 

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Flawed Visitor Management Systems: Addressing IBM’s Research

Recent research done by IBM’s X-Force Red security unit has discovered 19 vulnerabilities in four Visitor Management Systems, including eVisitorPass, EasyLobby Solo, Envoy and The Receptionist.


Visitor Management Systems are designed to help companies in increasing the security of their sites. That’s done by enabling them to check visitors in, print identification badges and track their ins and outs in the organisation. In addition, these systems let organisations obtain valuable data insights regarding their visitor flows through analytics as well as increase workforce productivity through streamlining sign in process.


However, according to IBM’s report, the bugs found in those software represent a threat to the security of the sites and involved both physical space and data safety concerns. According to Zack Whittaker, from TechCrunch, the reported vulnerabilities were only present at the physical check in point, meaning that the bugs could only happen on the iPad or similar tablet device used as a kiosk. Flaws included visitor data leakage such as phone number, name and email; allowing the avoidance of “kiosk” mode, which would allow access to the devices operating system and therefore the security network; the use of default administrative credentials, which allows full access to the software’s applications; and the issuing of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) badges, which could allow access to restricted areas of the organisation.


At Teamgo, we pride ourselves on having data security and integrity as the foundation of our business. While we’d like to acknowledge that these software flaws can have serious consequences for companies, we’d like to address this issue by clarifying these vulnerabilities to our customers and what that implies for them.


1. Can someone download my visitor logs and obtain my data?

No. Teamgo visitor sign-in data is not stored on the the kiosk or iPad. Every check-in and check-out requires the communication between the iPad terminal and our Cloud Server, where data is really stored. That means that if the iPad were stolen, no data would fall into the thief’s hand because it would be safe in the Cloud.

However, most visitor sign-in systems have a check out screen with a list of all visitors who are presently onsite. To check-out, visitors simply find their name on that list and tap on it. In a way, it could be said that there is a data concern here, as all visitors can look at that screen and see who’s on site. Still, that list only shows the visitors’ full name and no other information. Teamgo provide a way to mitigate onsite visitor exposure by giving customers the option to hide the check-out list and a use a search field instead, therefore, no one would be able to see who else in onsite.


2. Can the escape of “kiosk” mode be exploited?

The Apple iPad supports a Guided Access feature, which when enabled, prevents users from exiting the app and escaping “kiosk” mode. Apps like Teamgo do not allow access to the underlying operating system by exiting the “kiosk” mode once the Guided Access feature is enabled.


3. Can default administrative credentials edit visitor database?

Access to Teamgo’s administration tools is controlled by access roles and permissions, which means that administration tasks can be executed by multiple people without sharing credentials. Teamgo has different levels of access that can be granted to users to increase the security of administrational features.

Our system does not issue default passwords to any of its users, including administrators. Therefore,a potential attacker would not be able to “guess” a user’s password based upon password convention. Having said that, we do advise that our users choose strong passwords to strengthen the security of their systems.

In addition to these security measures, no visitor records can ever be modified. For GDPR compliance, we provide a built in tool for administrators to delete or anonymise records based on time period or delete all the records, but the information cannot be changed.


4. Can RFID badges be issued without proper authorisation?

Teamgo customers can create integrations which include the ability to open doors using RFID technology, though that is not a default setting of Teamgo. The issuing of this sort of access is solely controlled by the administrator of the system. Ordinary visitors are not able to generate an RFID card, only an authorized employee can perform this task. Therefore, there is no concern regarding intruders printing RFID badges and gaining access to restricted company areas.


Teamgo are always open to communication about security and data integrity, including assisting companies with their visitor management protocols. We welcome any commentary on this situation, as we are always looking to improve our users’ experience and ensure they have an adequate level of security.  


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How Visitor Management Systems Will Change the Aged Care Industry

The aged care industry is in an era of unprecedented change. Consumers are begging for the embracement of the assistive technological revolution and the aged care industry is listening. Technology is disrupting the way we do things in everyday life, so why shouldn’t it change the way we live in our later years as well? What we need is a seamless integration of technologies into daily living, assessment, care planning and delivery. As long as we treat assistive technology as an integral part of the process instead of being tacked on it will change the way we think about aged care forever.

Visitor management system for aged care service providers

Among the ever-growing list of technology and software that exists to streamline day-to-day living and the workplace are Visitor Management Systems. Visitor Management Systems, or VMS, have many features that are beneficial to the aged care industry and their residents.


Can you easily find the name, contact details, and location of every person in your facility at this moment? How about this time last week? Visitor Management Systems provide a user-friendly and fast way to track the comings-and-goings of people on your site. Instead of complicated and difficult to file paper-tracking systems a VMS provides a cloud-based alternative that is accessible from any device. They can even be customised to hold any details you require, such as Emergency Contacts or Medical Conditions.

Visitor management system security improvements for aged care service providers

Emergency Evacuations

In the event of an evacuation can you contact every person on the premises? Is it possible some residents can’t hear an alarm? With a VMS you can instantly send out a notification of an evacuation or other safety messages. If people are off-site they can be notified that the building is unsafe to return to. Building redundancies into your emergency procedures will strengthen your aged care facilities safety image.

Visitor management system emergency evacuation for aged care service providers

Smooth Service

Can you name something visitors want more than a streamlined check-in process? No one enjoys long queues and questions they don’t know the answer to… A good VMS is a strong addition to any reception area. When operated properly alongside staff it will solidify the feeling that your residents are in safe hands, while also cutting down on the amount of time receptionists have to spend ferrying visitors and contacting residents.

Visitor management system smooth service for aged care service providers


Having a good and well-known image is something any brand needs. Visitor Management Systems offer a chance to enhance your brand image with residents, employees and visitors. Showing that your Aged Care Facility is accepting new technologies and evolving to help make the residents lives safer and easier is a fantastic way to draw new clients to your brand.

Visitor management system branding for aged care service providers


There is tremendous value in having a collection of data regarding who visits your facilities and when they do. The data you gather using a Visitor Management System can be used to help target new clients, decide when you do and don’t need additional staff, and almost anything else you can think of. If you want to survey your visitors you can easily add questions to their sign-in process to discover the data you need.

Visitor management system data analytics for aged care service providers

Are you joining the technology revolution and signing up for a Visitor Management System? Why not try Teamgo:


Shot of coworkers using a computer together in a modern office

6 Hacks to Workplace Happiness and Productivity

The ordinary person spends just under 80 years on earth, 50 of which are spent as an active worker. Let’s take into consideration that the average working week is 39.2 hours long. That means we spend 1,842 hours over the course of a year at work (5 weeks of holiday assumed). Now, let’s break this down a little bit further. If we actually manage to sleep 8 hours every night, it means that 35% of our total waking time over that 50-year span is spent at work (Revise Sociology). That’s a large chunk of our lives to spend in (generally) crammed, lifeless offices! So, the question is: how can we ensure that the time spent in the office is enjoyable and has a positive impact on our mood and the way we work?

With that in mind, we at Teamgo, came up with 6 Hacks to Workplace Happiness and Productivity.  

1. Fill your space with indoor plants

Thanks to an evolutionary instinct called biophilia, which creates a bond between humans and other living systems, there are many benefits to being surrounded by more nature in your day to day life. The positive outcomes range from reducing stress levels and health complaints to increasing motivation, productivity and creativity. And on top of it all, they clean the air too!

Improve office productivity - indoor plants

2. Take a walk

Do you ever feel like you’re just sleepwalking through work? Easy! Just go for an actual walk! Whether you’re walking over to a colleague’s desk or going out for a lunch stroll, the benefits of getting up and moving are immense. Research has shown that increasing your mobility can reduce tension, and improve enthusiasm, relaxation, creativity and focus, which lead to a superior employee and company performance.

3. Incentivise group lunches

Encouraging staff to grab lunch together or even organising potlucks can significantly help to increase their sense of belonging. Some employees might feel a bit awkward regarding team-building activities, but bonding over shared meals is infinitely easier. Just think about it, food is central to almost every celebration. Group lunches can improve team dynamics, productivity and give people who wouldn’t normally interact, the ability to get to know each other.

How to improve office productivity - incentivize group lunches

4. Praise your people

One of the main reasons employees leave their jobs is because they feel unappreciated. It is common for people to work extensive hours and work harder than expected to prove themselves. Although, if these efforts go unnoticed, staff can feel discouraged from giving their best. According to research, employees feel that recognition is one of the main components of workplace happiness and that the lack of it impairs their productivity. Thanking team members for their work and acknowledging their success (especially in public) can go a long way!

5. Flexible work hours

Employees who work very long, fixed hours do more work than those who work flexible hours, right? Not necessarily. A study by Boston University found no link between working long hours and increased productivity. In fact, it found negative health implications of doing so, such as sleep deprivation, signs of depression and increased chances of heart diseases, which result in a higher number of sick leaves and employee turnover. Giving employees autonomy over their working hours, on the other hand, is reported to improve employee happiness, productivity and even increase the total amount of hours worked.

6. Implement technology to streamline processes

There are many small tasks that employees have to go through on a daily basis that takes their time and attention away from what they are employed to do. From dealing with too many scattered emails to booking meeting rooms, there are countless technological solutions to streamline the workday. There are now systems that can help with team brainstorming, enhanced communication, and even visitor management, which is what we do!

Improve office productivity - implement technology - visitor management system


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Does Your iPad Visitor Management App Have These 5 Key Security Features?

Visitor management system is a key workplace security management solution that can help businesses safeguard their offices and increase efficiency. However, not all visitor management systems comply with workplace security policies and some of them don’t even have enough features to ensure safety.

Unlike other productivity or office applications, visitor management systems have to comply with many security and privacy policies issued by the government.

Instead of requiring the age-old logbook, a large desktop system or specialised hardware that is expensive and hard to find, a simple iPad with a table stand or kiosk floor stand can be used to set-up a visitor management system.

Let us look into the 5 key features that iPad visitor management system need to have:

1. Visitor Screening

Visitor screening is an important security feature which helps you keep track of all incoming visitors and sends alerts to the system administrator based on your security settings. For instance, if you have had a bad experience with a visitor before – say they violated company policies or performed an illegal act – you can block them from entering the premise or keep them on your watchlist. Hence, when that visitor tries to sign in you are immediately alerted and the person is not allowed to enter.

Visitor management system security feature - Screenshot of visitor screening feature

Screenshot of visitor screening feature in Teamgo.

Also, you might want to keep watch on some visitors when they arrive at your workplace. Let’s say they are a VIP person or someone who is very fussy. For those visitors, you should be able to set up an easy watch features so that concerned personnel is alerted when they arrive.

2. Taking a photo of a visitor

Gathering some information about your visitors is important to ensure the safety of your workplace and employees. In addition to information like name, phone numbers and email address, it is important to have a photo-taking feature to verify the identity of your visitors. 

Visitor management system security feature - take a photo of the visitor

Demo of Teamgo’s visitor photo-taking feature

When visitors sign in, their photos are securely stored in the system, which allows security personnel to easily identify them in case of an emergency, threat or offence.

3. Electronic Documents

It is important to keep your visitors aware of workplace ethics and security regulations. Hence, it is crucial for them to abide by the rules and agree to follow them. For this to happen, you need visitors to sign a contractual document before they enter the workplace.

Visitor management system security feature - sign electronic documents, NDAs, induction forms

Electronic Documents Contract feature of Teamgo

This process can be cumbersome, if not set up properly. Your iPad visitor management system should have an easy way to access those non-disclosure documents and sign them digitally without any hassle. Failing to provide such a system can put your workplace at risk.

4. Visitor tracking and reporting

From the time a visitor enters your workplace to when they exit, it is your responsibility to make sure that they are safe within your office and they don’t pose a threat to your employees. In order to ensure this, the visitor management system should be able to keep track of all the locations your visitors entered and their respective date and time.

Visitor management system security feature - visitor tracking, reporting and analytics

Screenshot of Teamgo’s Visitor Analytics Module

It is important for visitor management system to have a full dashboard and reporting capability that can show all the relevant details about your visitor’s movements in your workplace.

5. Sending emergency alerts

Lastly, it is vital for visitor management systems to provide you with a way of communicating with your visitors in case of an emergency. For instance: in case of fire, the system administrator should be able to send an emergency alert via email, SMS or in-app notification, so that visitors are quickly guided to the route to safety.

Visitor management system security feature - emergency management, send emergency alerts via text

Teamgo’s visitor and employee messaging module