Free app for your Teamgo iPad kiosks

Collect visitor information using custom workflows and the Teamgo kiosk app for iPad

Build your sign-in kiosk and record information

Teamgo’s powerful iPad app lets you offer visitors a fast, convenient and safe way to sign-in at your workplaces. You can design how it looks and develop flows that collect all the right information to stay compliant and manage arrivals.

BYO Devices
Use your existing buying power and deploy any number of iPad kiosks across the workplace, connected or independent.

Brand it 
Design how kiosk home screens look from adding logos, background images to size and placement of buttons and text.

Custom workflows
Add different buttons for visitor or employee types and get them to complete forms, photos, submit documents and more.

Kiosk Workflow Designer

Manage who is allowed to physically enter your workplaces with visitor screening and measures that restrict access.

Web interface
With just a web browser, you can design and build all your kiosks and workflows online and publish them across your iPads.

Design and brand
Match your iPad kiosks to your organisations brand by adding logos, colours, backgrounds and using your own language style.

Workflow builder
Create powerful sign-in workflows for different visitor types so you capture and record important information.

Australian Company

We are a technology driven company based in Australia and specialising in Visitor Management software and applications.

Amazon Web Services

You expect the best and we rely on the best with cloud hosting and security provided by Amazon AWS Australia.

Fanatical Support

24/7 support available and experienced account managers on standby - we provide hands on customer assistance.


Teamgo offers a range of premium features that enable you to sign-in people safely and more efficient. QR codes are included as part of every plan.

QR Codes
Visitors and employees can scan their QR code to sign-in/out or use their smartphone to scan QR codes linked to your kiosk workflows and complete web forms.

Face ID
Our premium FaceID feature is a facial recognition enabled module that uses the iPad camera to capture a photo and match it to records in your account.

Committed to your privacy and security​

Part of our mission is to create software products that can be trusted by any organisation. We strive to meet the highest standards in your data's privacy and security.


Our policies and controls are designed to protect the collection, use, and disclosure of users information.


Our secure infrastructure, commitment to reliability, and 3rd party testing work together to safeguard your data.


We’re committed to helping you meet your safer workplace strategies and enhancing our own compliance.

Apple iPad

The Teamgo Kiosk app is built for the Apple iPad. It’s a completely free app that you can use with your Teamgo subscription and deploy on an unlimited amount of devices.

  • Kiosks can operate on their own or you can connect them all so they act as one – perfect for large workplaces.
  • Use any model iPad, all the way back to 5th Generation devices including the large iPad Pro with 12 inch screens
  • Choose from many mounting and stand options available on the market and our web store (Australia only)

Brother QL Printer

Your compliance needs may require your visitors to display badges while on site that shows important information and verifies their identity. Teamgo helps automate this process with instant customised badge printing when a visitor signs-in.

Teamgo Pass

Compliment your Employee and contractor users with the free Teamgo Pass smartphone app for iPhone and Android. Users with access can scan QR codes on the iPad camera for an instant, safe contactless sign-in and much more!

COVID-19 Safe protection
with Teamgo


Check documents and licenses before people arrive and have your visitors pass health checks and submit vaccination certificates.

Contactless Sign-in

Reduce the spread of germs and viruses with the use of QR codes and touch free iPad kiosk features for your visitor and employee sign-in.

Contact Tracing

Export instant reports and assists contact tracers with their efforts to contact people and stop the spread of viruses.


Limit the number of people you can safely allow on site and monitor traffic in real time with instant alerts and notifications.

Included Features

Teamgo software includes all the following features

Free iPad App

Free iPad app so you can display contactless or touchscreen sign-in at your workplaces.

QR Codes

Use QR codes for identification, scan to sign-in and contactless visitor management for health and security


Send instant notifications with email and SMS when visitors or deliveries arrive and emergency alerts are activated.

Unlimited Users

Add unlimited user accounts and groups with no limits on the number of visitors or employee sign-in.

Unlimited Kiosks

Setup and manage unlimited iPad and QR code kiosks in your workplace for multiple access points and visitor types.

Free Smartphone App

Teamgo Pass for iPhone and Android gives employees and instant QR code scanning and app notifications.

Free Setup

We help you get setup with helpful guides, walkthroughs and hands on setup of your kiosk workflows.

Cloud Hosting

We take care of the maintenance and updates with the instant deployment of any changes and new features.

Online Support

Get 24/7 online support or dedicated account managers and service agreements with premium options.

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