The visitor management one-stop-shop

Manage visitor sign ins and outs, meeting invitations, pre-registrations, induction form signatures and visitor clearance.

Add your employees to the system to track their time & attendance. Allow them to manage their own visitors and meetings.

Manage supplier time & attendance, their compliance documentation and give them a badge with an expiry date.

Manage your enterprise’s safety and compliance obligations with reporting and emergency evacuation features.


Stay compliant with key standards such as GDPR and ITAR.

  • Know exactly who was on your site, when and what for
  • Say goodbye to inaccurate data and illegible signatures
  • Store information ethically
  • Anonymize data for GDPR compliance
  • Capture photos for proof of identity
  • Customise information fields and collect data that is important for your organisation
  • Easily retrieve visitor records and data


Paperwork is a heavy burden to carry. Boost your efficiency with Teamgo.

  • Eliminate lines at your reception
  • Free-up your receptionist’s time to improve productivity
  • Use automatic arrival notifications and stop chasing people up
  • Simplify scheduling meetings and sending meeting invitations
  • Make deliveries hassle-free
  • Cut down on operating costs
  • Obtain reporting insights within seconds


Strengthen your first line of defence with a powerful visitor management system.

  • Protect your people, assets, data and intellectual property
  • Create a watchlist to safeguard your site from unauthorised visitors
  • Monitor visitors, staff and contractors in real-time
  • Send emergency SMS's
  • Send evacuation diagrams
  • Use photo capture to identify visitors
  • Add an extra layer of security that doesn't intimidate

First Impressions

Focus on a great welcome and leave check-ins with us. 

  • Replace paper books and look modern with sleek iPad sign ins
  • Know who to greet with photo captures
  • Charm your visitors with custom badges
  • Make signing in quick and painless
  • Extend your brand image
  • Keep your reception clutter-free and presentable
  • Minimise visitor waiting time

Run a Safer Workplace

Digitally transforming your workplace to increase efficiency, cut operational costs and save you time.