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Manage many workplaces with complex security, safety, and compliance needs.

Premium Options

Additional premium and enterprise features to build your visitor system

Education & Non-profits

Discounts are offered to education and not for profit customers. Contact us to discuss education solutions and pricing.

Enterprise & Volume Licenses

We tailor plans and solutions for enterprise and volume licensed customers. Contact us to discuss enterprise solutions and pricing.

Teamgo delivers value!

Save up to 40% off when bundled with annual payments and multiple locations – further discounts apply for education and not for profits. Contact us for more information.

Included Features

Teamgo’s visitor management software includes all the following standard features

Free iPad App

Free iPad app so you can display contactless or touchscreen sign-in at your workplaces.

QR Codes

Use QR codes for identification, scan to sign-in and contactless visitor management for health and security


Send instant notifications with email and SMS when visitors or deliveries arrive and emergency alerts are activated.

Unlimited Users

Add unlimited user accounts and groups with no limits on the number of visitors or employee sign-in.

Unlimited Kiosks

Setup and manage unlimited iPad and QR code kiosks in your workplace for multiple access points and visitor types.

Free Smartphone App

Teamgo Pass for iPhone and Android gives employees and instant QR code scanning and app notifications.

Free Setup

We help you get setup with helpful guides, walkthroughs and hands on setup of your kiosk workflows.

Cloud Hosting

We take care of the maintenance and updates with the instant deployment of any changes and new features.

Online Support

Get 24/7 online support or dedicated account managers and service agreements with premium options.

Compare Plan Features

Visitor Management Standard Premium Enterprise
Unlimited visitor sign-in points
QR code scan on iPad kiosks
QR code posters for visitor smartphone scan
Unlimited visitors and sign-ins
Unlimited employees and sign-ins
Unlimited contractor sign-ins
Unlimited data recording for all locations
Customise sign-in workflows
Request and store unlimited documents
Unlimited host and visitor messaging
Live visitor on-site reports
Live emergency evacuation lists
Visitors Standard Premium Enterprise
Unlimited visitor sign-in
Build custom workflows for visitor types
View live visitor data and historical records
Add visitors to watch, block and deny entry lists
visitors from the web dashboard
Add, update and modify visitor records
Capture visitor photos when they sign in
Request documents and forms before arrival
Registration Standard Premium Enterprise
Pre-register visitors before arrival
View and update lists of expected visitors
Employee booking calendars
Register single and groups of visitors
Request pre-registration forms to be completed
Request important documents from visitors
Send visitors custom invitations
Send visitors QR codes for fast sign-in
Customise email invitation templates
Secure web visitor registration and booking forms
User Permissions Standard Premium Enterprise
Create different teams of users
Build a team of administrators
Add location managers
Add location compliance officers for emergencies
Give employees role based access
Allow employees to manage their visitors
Directory management Standard Premium Enterprise
Add unlimited employees as hosts
Add unlimited employees as hosts
Automatically assign new hosts to kiosks
Manually add hosts to visitor kiosks
Upload CSV of hosts to visitor kiosks
Sync hosts to visitor kiosks with integrations
Add hosts to specific visitor workflows
Display full host details on kiosks
Display full host details on kiosks
Group sign-in Standard Premium Enterprise
Group registration and invite emails
Group sign-in with iPad kiosks
Invite groups and email QR codes
Sign in groups via the web dashboard
Pre-print visitor badges for collection on arrival
Group sign-out via web dashboard
Request forms and document submissions
Workflows Standard Premium Enterprise
Easy sign in options for unlimited visitors
Easy and fast sign in for unlimited employees
Remember returning visitors details
Create custom forms and questions
Show custom messages, video and images
Display legal documents and collect signatures
Capture visitor photos using iPad camera
QR code sign-in for visitors and employees
Express sign-in with mobile, email or pin codes
Create conditional questions
Create rules to deny visitor sign-in
Require document verification to sign-in
Capture temperatures with Bluetooth device
with FaceID capture
Print visitor badges
Add default sign-in contacts for notifications
Add custom hosts lists to sign-in flows
Customisable iPad sign-in kiosks Standard Premium Enterprise
Setup unlimited iPad kiosks
Display your own logo
Customise colours, fonts and buttons
Display custom backgrounds and screen savers
Display iPad kiosks in landscape or portrait
Over 30+ languages and custom languages
Create fully custom kiosk designs and themes
QR Code Sign-in Points Standard Premium Enterprise
Setup unlimited QR code sign-in points
Easy visitor smartphone self scan
Simple and secure web form sign in
Record important visitor form data
Display information and induction messages
Display your host directory
Display your host directory
Web Dashboard Standard Premium Enterprise
Secure cloud web dashboard
View live real-time visitor reports
View historical visitor reports and visitor data
and Sign-out visitors manually
See expected arrivals and change visitors status
Sort, filter and export visitor records
Customise visitor lists columns and layout
View visitor analytics and see trends
Set user settings and permissions
See visitor schedules and user calendars
Schedule visitor CSV email reports
Manage all your kiosks and location settings
Enable and manage integrations
Manage all your users and user roles
Configure all your system settings
Manage your plans and billing options
Location Management Standard Premium Enterprise
Primary workplace license included
Manage multiple locations
Centralised web dashboard
Centralised location management
Assign location admins
Assign location compliance admins
Location specific management and settings
Location capacity management
Location overstay notifications
Location auto sign-out settings
Connect location kiosks
Reports & Analytics Standard Premium Enterprise
Live real-time visitor lists
Live dashboard analytics and visual graphs
Detailed historical reports
Scheduled email reports
Customisable report filters
Delivery reports
Data export (CSV)
Unlimited report data storage
Branding Standard Premium Enterprise
Your logo on iPad kiosks and badges
Customise iPad kiosk interface
Customise visitor and staff badges
Customise 25+ language options
Add iPad kiosk backgrounds and screen savers
Change iPad kiosk fonts
Remove Teamgo iPad kiosk branding
Emergency Management Standard Premium Enterprise
Emergency email notifications
Emergency SMS notifications
Onsite visitor lists
Create evacuation message templates
Send evacuation media (PDF, JPG etc)
Send notifications to specific visitor groups
Send notifications to off-site users
Notifications Standard Premium Enterprise
Email notifications
SMS notifications
Teamgo Pass mobile app notifications
Visitor departure notifications
Delivery arrival notifications
Overstay alert notifications
Watch list notifications
Deny list notifications
Blocked list notifications
Request assistance notifications
iPad kiosk default contact notifications
Forward and copy host notifications
Emergency evacuation notifications
Send visitor badges
Send visitors QR codes
Badge Printing Standard Premium Enterprise
Visitor badges
Staff and contractor badges
Customise badges with badge design tool
Badges with photos, QR codes and logos
Include any visitor information on badges
Preprint and reprint badges
Visitor Badges B&W Labels
Employee Badges B&W Labels
Employee Badges Full Color
Multiple printers per iPad kiosk
Expiring QR code badges
Temperature Scanning Module Standard Premium Enterprise
Connect thermometer to iPad kiosk
Temperature display on iPad Kiosk
Display alert on kiosk if temperature fails
Send notifications if temperature scan fails
Record temperature with visitor data
Vaccination Module Standard Premium Enterprise
Request visitor vaccination status
Upload vaccination certificate documents
Track employee vaccination status
Allow or deny entry based on status
Notifications of failed vaccination checks
FaceID Scanning Module Standard Premium Enterprise
Enable Face Recognition on iPad Kiosk
Enable FaceID as part of sign-in workflows
Enable FaceID for return visitors sign-in
Enable FaceID for employee sign-in
Enrol & Un-enrol users for privacy
Visitor Board Module Standard Premium Enterprise
Display visitors on web enabled screen
Generate unique web link (URL)
Secure web link with unique pass code
Live refresh with each sign-in
Connect to unlimited screens
Education Module Standard Premium Enterprise
Student sign-in
Guardian sign-in
Guardian student arrival notifications
Guardian student departure notifications
Work with children verification NSW/VIC
Supplier Module Standard Premium Enterprise
Invite suppliers
Supplier self managed dashboard
Manage supplier workforce
Supplier compliance and document request
Supplier inductions
Supplier QR code sign in
Supplier iPad Kiosk sign in
Contractor Module Standard Premium Enterprise
iPad Kiosk Sign in
QR Code Sign in
Contractor Document Request
Contractor induction workflows
Contractor workflow integrations
Integrations Standard Premium Enterprise
Teamgo RESTful API
Microsoft Azure active directory
Microsoft Active Directory
Google Contacts
Microsoft Azure Single Sign On
Okta Single Sign On
OneLogin Single Sign On
HipChat Notifications
SalesForce Chatter Notification
Slack Notifications
Maintenance Connection
Cm3 Contractor Management
Teamgo Pass mobile app Standard Premium Enterprise
Free Android & iOS Smartphone app
User QR code sign in
Visitor arrival push notifications
Delivery arrival push notifications
Location remote sign in
Notification history
Manage account details
Cloud Software solution Standard Premium Enterprise
Instant setup
Automatic system updates
Monitored security and uptime
Instant new and feature updates
No on-premises hardware needed
Web browser dashboard
Security and compliance Standard Premium Enterprise
Visitor data and privacy features
View and export visitor logs
Single sign-on options
Manage visitor and employee data retention
Record ID's and request documents
View and manage block lists
Assign administrators and restrict permissions
Assign location admins and compliance officers
Data & security options Standard Premium Enterprise
Unlimited data storage
Set data retention and removal timeframes
Anonymise visitor records
GDPR data retention and removal features
Purge all visitor and user records
Enterprise Standard Premium Enterprise
Customized Terms of Service
Review requests for proposals (RFP)
Review security audit questionnaires
Dedicated account manager
24/7 Phone support
Support Standard Premium Enterprise
Online help guides
Email support
Live online chat support
Phone support (business hours)
Phone support (24/7)
Dedicated account manager
Service level agreements (SLA)
Billing & Payment Options Standard Premium Enterprise
VISA, Mastercard, AMEX Monthly
VISA, Mastercard, AMEX Annually
EFT Bank Payment Annually

Frequently asked questions

Where are your plans?

This page offers a number of plans you can choose that are right for your workplace. We have plans for small to enterprise organisations for managing visitor and employee check-in. You can also configure your own plan by adding premium features ass needed. Check out our help guide pricing page for more info on your options, premium and enterprise features and how pricing is calculated including potential savings.

What fees can I expect (hidden costs)?

No additional fees or hidden costs, your monthly or annual price is set based on the features you use and the locations you have.

We do not put quotas or costs on check-in metrics of any type, notifications sent, users added, visitors recorded, documents uploaded.

If you have any concerns reach out to [email protected]

What hardware is required?

This depends on how you want to use the service, configure your sign-in kiosks and the purpose you need Teamgo for. You actually do not need any hardware if you just want to use a QR code check-in (simple) or for more functionality you can use an iPad and the Teamgo kiosk app, printers for badges and even use smartphones and the Teamgo Pass app for staff sign-in.

See our online store for hardware options.

Not for profit & charity pricing

We offer discounts on all annual plans for customers that submit evidence of their charity or not for profit status.

Education pricing

We offer discounts on all annual plans for customers that submit evidence of their education or school registration status.

Do you offer Enterprise options?

Yes! We offer a tailored enterprise service with the features, global benefits and support you would expect from a company willing to help protect your people and workplaces.

See our enterprise options here.

Payment options and currencies

Online transactions via credit or debit cards using Mastercard, Visa or Amex are available. Billing is typically monthly or annually (annual pricing is popular as we offer discounts). 

Customers on Enterprise plans and services can pay via bank transfer.

We do not accept checks (cheques).


Taxes on subscription fees are included where applicable. Australian customers a charged with an inclusive tax rate of 10% for GST.

How do you charge per location?

Our pricing is simple, figure out the features you need and choose a plan subscription type.

Then depending on how many locations you need to use Teamgo, simply times that number by your plan price.

This is called your “location license”. And each workplace location needs a license.

For example, if your organisation has several workplaces all over the world, you would set up one Teamgo location for each of them. 

If a workplace has several buildings within one area like a university or hospital, you may want to set up a Teamgo location for each of those buildings as well.

For every location you set up, you would typically need the associated hardware, such as iPad, iPad stand and badge printer.

The more locations you have, we can reduce your subscription fee with discounts.

How will I be invoiced?

We will send you an invoice for each billing cycle (usually monthly or annually). Enterprise and multiple location customers will be invoiced manually by an account manager. Your invoice will include the billing dates, plan details, locations and the price including any taxes.

Price changes?

Every few years we may change our pricing based on cost to deliver the services, inflation and improving the product overall. It is rare this will occur and we will always notify customers if pricing changes. Price changes will only be applied at your next renewal date, never immediately.

Australian Company

We're an Australian technology company specialising in Visitor Management software and applications.

Amazon Web Services

You expect the best and we rely on the best with cloud hosting and security provided by Amazon AWS Australia.

Fanatical Support

24/7 support available and experienced account managers on standby - we provide hands on customer assistance.

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