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Returning to the workplace: The importance of safety and convenience to increase employee attendance

As restrictions ease and ’work from home’ orders are lifted, organisations are encouraging employees to return to the workplace. There are benefits to in-person attendance including collaboration, socialisation and productivity. However, the pandemic has shed new light on remote and hybrid working and employees now want to have more convenience and flexibility in their work. So, how does this affect your organisation, what you can do to increase attendance and how can Teamgo can assist your employee attendance efforts. What are the results of poor employee attendance at work? Reduced employee engagement Motivation can be hard to come by at

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6 Workplace Health and Safety features you can implement right now

As companies adapt to the constraints of a global pandemic, we have seen many organisations move away from an in-person model, to now embracing the future of a hybrid workplace.  Because of this, the movements of employees and visitors have become increasingly sporadic, placing greater importance on workplace safety measures.  By employing simple visitor management security systems, you can operate at an optimal safety level whilst remaining extremely efficient. So, here are the top six health and safety features you can implement right now.  1. Visitor Management The first ‘must-have’ with any Teamgo system is contactless visitor management software.  Cloud

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How QR Codes Are Changing the Workplace

If there’s one sentence to wrap up the changes to the workplace over the last two years it’s “it will never be the same again”. The introduction of various measures to manage workplace health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed day to day operations. What 2021 taught us about the workplace 2021 was a substantial year in terms of shifts within the workplace. Major changes varied on the industry and environment however, key adjustments included a move to remote and hybrid work, a promotion of work to life balance and a focus on contact tracing efforts. Move to

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Best practices for pre-screening your visitors

Around the world, measures are being put in place to better prepare for the future of the pandemic. Organisations have introduced office mask policies and are moving to hybrid work environments. These shifts are also being reflected in visitor management systems through pre-registration features.  While pre-registration can be used to solely speed up a sign-in process, however, the feature is particularly valuable for COVID-19 management. Changing demands in the visitor process, such as health guidelines and capacity restrictions have resulted in more compliance requirements. Pre-registration can help to maintain the workplace safety of your employees, suppliers and visitors. What is

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Teamgo tips for office Operations Managers

The role of an operations manager is diverse. Every day they work across different departments, taking on responsibilities such as recruitment, training, strategising, process development and much more. Teamgo visitor management software can help operations managers to wear these many hats through a range of safety and compliance features. Safety of employees and visitors Ensuring there are appropriate procedures and processes in place is paramount to the safety and security of employees and visitors.  Employee and visitor sign-in Teamgo offers a touch-less sign-in process for anyone visiting a workplace, improving arrival efficiency and reducing the spread of germs. Use a

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How to safely re-open your workplace during COVID

As the world starts to emerge from over two years of lockdowns and restrictions, the question is raised, what can be done to help to prevent history repeating itself? Developing safety measures to ‘live with’ COVID-19 is the message from authorities. Teamgo’s visitor management system can help you re-open your business safely while observing government and industry guidelines.  Contact tracing and compliance Contact tracing has a direct impact on the dissemination of COVID-19 and studies continue to indicate that contact tracing tools and digital solutions can effectively restrict the transmission of the virus. While this may not be effective in

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