Solutions for a COVID-19 safe workplace

Efficient and proven visitor management tools to help combat the spread of COVID19 and the spread of germs.

Accurate, accountable visitor logs

Our customers typically adhere to major regulators that require accurate and detailed information about everyone that visits the workplace. Teamgo is a simple and highly effective way to securely store this information for visitors and your employees.

Pre-registration form
Let your visitors complete secure online forms before they arrive to save time, collect documents and receive arrival info.

iPad sign-in
Customise sign-in workflows for visitors and staff to answer important questions, capture photos and provide health info.

Export data
All your data is secured online and available in detailed reports that can be easily exported with one click or automated daily.

COVID-19 Safe protection
with Teamgo


Check documents and licenses before people arrive and have your visitors pass health checks and submit important work certificates.

Contactless Sign-in

Reduce the spread of germs and viruses with the use of QR codes and touch free iPad kiosks for visitor and employee sign-in at the workplace.

Vaccine Tracking

Request compliance certificates from visitors and employees ensuring your workplace stays safer and healthy in the event of a critical outbreak


Limit the number of people you can safely allow at the workplace and monitor traffic in real time with instant alerts and notifications.

Contact Tracing

Help local authorities by providing detailed visitor logs of all people who arrive and depart from your workplaces. Teamgo accurately records time and attendance, who people are visiting and what workplace areas they may have come into contact with as they sign-in and sign-out on your iPad Kiosks and QR code posters.

Health checks

Request important health information from visitors before they arrive or when they arrive at the workplace. You can collect documents and certificates or build detailed forms asking all the right questions to meet your compliance needs. Health checks can be completed with secure web forms or at the iPad kiosk

Digital thermometer

The Teamgo Digital Thermometer, utilizing touch-free infrared technology for instant health checks upon arrival. Keep your people and workplace safe with these key features:

  • Versatile Usage: Utilize the thermometer as a stand-alone device or integrate it with an iPad kiosk.

  • Dual Display: View temperature results on both the device and iPad kiosk for convenience.

  • Audible Alerts: Receive audio beeps indicating pass or fail temperature readings for quick identification.

  • Workplace Protection: Enhance safety measures and promote health by implementing this thermometer.

  • Health Assurance: Ensure the well-being of your people with instant and accurate temperature checks.

Contactless sign-in

Offer visitors a completely touch free arrival process, no paper books or entering information into visitor kiosks. Simply scan QR codes or use Face Recognition to instantly sign-in. You can collect important visitor information before arrival and use this option for fast and convenient Employee or contractor sign-in.

Manage Capacity

Limit the number of people allowed to sign-in across your workplace locations to stay safe and compliant. 

  • Safety and Compliance: Control sign-in capacity across multiple workplace locations to ensure safety and compliance.

  • Live Tracking: Monitor real-time sign-in numbers for accurate records and occupancy management.

  • Instant Updates: Receive immediate notifications and updates on capacity limits to maintain a safe environment.

  • Visitor Awareness: Display capacity status on kiosks to inform visitors when the facility is at full capacity.

  • Health Policy Support: Align with health policies and compliance objectives for a secure and compliant workplace.

Keep your workplace safe with Teamgo Visitor Management

Teamgo gives you tools that ensure visitors are screened and employees stay healthy in the workplace, make data-driven decisions about re-opening, give your team confidence to do so.

Teamgo supports safer workplaces globally

World leading companies, organisations and governments worldwide keep their people and workplaces productive, healthy and safer with Teamgo visitor management.

“With Teamgo we get real time reports of visitor and employee traffic across our workplace.”

Carlo Dei Cont
IT Infrastructure Consultant, McDonald’s

Australian Company

Proudly Australian technology company specialising in Visitor Management software and applications.

Amazon Web Services

You expect the best and we rely on the best with cloud hosting and security provided by Amazon AWS Australia.

Fanatical Support

24/7 support available and experienced account managers on standby - we provide hands on customer assistance.

Committed to your privacy and security​

Part of our mission is to create software products that can be trusted by any organisation. We strive to meet the highest standards in your data's privacy and security.


Our policies and controls are designed to protect the collection, use, and disclosure of users information.


Industry leading infrastructure, reliability, and 3rd party testing working together to safeguard your data.


We’re committed to helping you meet workplace compliance objectives with record keeping and visitor safety automation tools.

Features included with all plans

Free iPad App

Free iPad app so you can display contactless or touchscreen sign-in at your workplaces.

QR Codes

Use QR codes for identification, scan to sign-in and contactless visitor management for health and security


Send instant notifications with email and SMS when visitors or deliveries arrive and emergency alerts are activated.

Unlimited Users

Add unlimited user accounts and groups with no limits on the number of visitors or employee sign-in.

Unlimited Kiosks

Setup unlimited iPad and QR code sign in point kiosks at your workplace and cover your entire organisation.

Free Smartphone App

Teamgo Pass for iPhone and Android gives employees and instant QR code scanning and app notifications.

Free Setup

Get help setting up your kiosks and choosing the right features for your workplace visitor management.

Cloud Hosting

We take care of the maintenance and updates with the instant deployment of any changes and new features.

Online Support

Get 24/7 online support with detailed guides, business hours live chat and optional account managers.

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