All the tools you need to manage safety and security of visitors at the workplace

Teamgo is fully featured visitor management software in the cloud

Included Features

Teamgo software includes all the following features

Free iPad App

Free iPad app so you can display contactless or touchscreen sign-in at your workplaces.

QR Codes

Use QR codes for identification, scan to sign-in and contactless visitor management for health and security


Send instant notifications with email and SMS when visitors or deliveries arrive and emergency alerts are activated.

Unlimited Users

Add unlimited user accounts and groups with no limits on the number of visitors or employee sign-in.

Unlimited Kiosks

Setup and manage unlimited iPad and QR code kiosks in your workplace for multiple access points and visitor types.

Free Smartphone App

Teamgo Pass for iPhone and Android gives employees and instant QR code scanning and app notifications.

Free Setup

We help you get setup with helpful guides, walkthroughs and hands on setup of your kiosk workflows.

Cloud Hosting

We take care of the maintenance and updates with the instant deployment of any changes and new features.

Online Support

Get 24/7 online support or dedicated account managers and service agreements with premium options.

Feature Matrix

Standard Features

Standard features are included with all Teamgo subscriptions using our easy visitor management software.

Premium Features

Premium features, integrations and modules deliver more capability with your visitor management system.

Enterprise Features

Advanced user features, services and support to help manage your rapidly scaling workplace operations.

Visitor Management


Built for all types of visitors in any industry or sector


Register visitors online and request documents and forms

Deny & Block

Block and deny specified visitors from sign-in with alerts


View and admin all your workplace locations


Secure and encrypted visitor records with unlimited storage


Print detailed visitor badges on sign-in with photo and QR code

QR Codes

Touch feee QR code scanning for all your visitor types


Build and delploy kiosks across your workplaces


Manage user privacy rules and automate data retention

Capacity Management

Limit the amount of visitors allowed at your work locations


Build sign in options and flows for different visitor types

Watch Lists

Trigger instant arrival alerts when specific visitors sign-in


Print visitor badges on sign-in or before visitors arrive


Manage user roles, types and assign employee access


Send forms and receive important documents from visitors



Register time and attendance at the workplace


Edit account, get desktop alerts and manage settings


Receive arrival alerts, deliveries and emergency messages


Assign users to groups for reports and access levels


Setup booking schedules and pre-register visitors

Mobile App

Use the Teamgo Pass app for QR codes, alerts and remote sign-in



Request pre-registration forms and documents prior to arrival


Print temporary or permanent bades for ID and QR codes


View contractor reports and check compliance data


Get contractor arrival messages and send emergency alerts

QR Codes

Contractor sign-in with kiosks and QR codes


Send forms and receive important documents from visitors

iPad App

Free iPad App

The Teamg iPad kiosk app is free for all Teamgo customers


Accept deliveries and notify people when they arrive

Night Mode

Set your kiosks to automatically sleep and wake

Offline Mode

Store secure visitor date when iPad is offline until reconnected


Design your kiosk layout for easy visitor use and inteaction


Offer a one tap request assistance right from the kiosk

Auto time out

Set auto time out to home screen when kiosk not in use


Use QR code scan or FaceID for touch free and safe sign-in


Build multiple different sign-in flows for different visitors types


Print badges instantly with visitor photo and QR codes

Screen Saver

When not in use show a screen saver of images and messages

Connected Kiosks

Link devices for quick sign in/out from any iPad kiosk

Mobile App

QR Code

Use your personal QR code from the Teamgo Pass app

Visitors Details

See your arrived visitors details when they sign in

Anywhere

remotely from home or at your nearest Teamgo location


Get mobile app notifications pushed to your smartphone app

Notification History

See your visitor history and system notifications


Look up your employee directory and see contact details

User Account

Keep your contact detilas and account up to date

Web Dashboard

Admin Features


Manage multiple workplace locations from a web dashboard


Access detailed historical reports for all your visitor types


Add visitors and manage their arrival and access level

Covid19 Privacy

Automate data retention times for local compliance policies


Build and deploy your iPad and QR kiosks across locations


Activate instant emergency alerts and live on-site reports


Add languages for localisation of kiosks and notifications


Configure default system settings and manage billing

Manage Visitors

See live detailed records of all sign-in activity

Manage Users

Manage user roles, groups and access to Teamgo's features

Data & Privacy

Setup data compliance rules and manage visitor records


Request documents, build forms and set expiry notices

Users Features


Access a web dashboard to pre-register visitors and sign-in


Setup visitor invitations and request forms and documents


See your booked meetings on a detailed web schedule


Instantly sign-in your visitors when they arrive

Screen Visitors

View visitor pre-registration data prior to arrival on-site


Get desktop notifications when visitors or deliveries arrive


to the workplace from your web dashboard


Build personal booking forms and share meeting links

User Account

Manage your user account information and settings


Active Directory

Connect and sync user accounts between active directory and Teamgo.

Maintenance Connection

Connect to the powerful Teamgo API and manage users and data


Connect to the powerful Teamgo API and manage users and data

Azure Single Sign-On

Connect your workforce to Teamgo and allow login with Azure AD credentials


Push all your visitor traffic data into your CRM and send chatter messages.

Google Contacts

Automatically sync your users to Teamgo directories and kiosks.


Send employees instant messages when their visitors or deliveries arrive.

SalesForce Chatter

Push all your visitor traffic data into your CRM and send chatter messages.


Automatically sync your users to Teamgo directories and kiosks.


Send employees instant messages when their visitors or deliveries arrive.


Automatically sync your users to Teamgo directories and kiosks.

Azure Active Directory

Sync your workforce with Teamgo for automated user management


Need more flexibility? Use WebHooks to build your own integrations.

Badge Printing

Visitor Badges

Print visitor badges on sign-in or before visitors arrive


Include persons details, entry times, photo, logo, QR code etc

Employee Badges

Print employee badges using label printers in full colour

Badge Expiry

Set badges with QR codes to expire after time period

Badge Designer

Customize badge layout and content including QR codes


Connect Brother Label printer to kiosks for paper visitor badges



Detailed email notifications for arrivals and alerts

Visitor Pass

Send visitor passes with QR codes to email and mobile

Visitor Sign Out

Know when visitors leave and get instant notifications

SMS / Mobile

Instant SMS alerts sent to users mobile phones

Mobile App

Get notifications pushed to the Teamgo Pass app for employees

Visitor Receipt

Send visitors an email copy of their sign-in data

Default Contacts

Send alerts to users when specific sign-ins take place


Receive desktop alerts when using the web dashboard


Get delivery alerts and know when packages need signing

Overstay Alert

Send reminders when visitors overstay set visit timeframes



Build ready to go messages for different critical events

Print Report

See reports of visitors on-site and print lists

iPad Notice

Display emergency alerts on your iPad kiosks when activated


Send alerts across one or multiple workplaces at once

All Locations

Available across all locations for full coverage of critical alerts


Include important documents on alerts like evacuation information

Email & SMS

Choose email, SMS or both to make sure alerts arrive

Activate Location

Send alerts to specific workplace locations

Alert Groups

Choose specific user groups to send instant alerts to


New Visitor

Instantly add your new arrivals from the web dashboard

Web Bookings

Share web links to your private or public booking page

Meeting Schedule

Create meeting schedules to automate visitor bookings


Screen visitors for safety and request important documents

Booking Types

Build booking workflows for different visitor types

Advance Pre-Registration

Create templates and work flows for pre-registered visitors



Edit system messages to include additional info and links

Kiosk Branding

Remove the Teamgo logo from your iPad kiosks

Kiosk Designer

Customise your iPad kiosks colours, fonts and more

Caller ID

Display your organisation name in message caller ID


Worker Checks

Working with Children checks for Australia (VIC/TAS)


Guardian sign in/out and receive student notifications


Add students for sign in/out attendance and departures


Suppliers and Contractors

Add, import and invite suppliers to your account

Manage Sign-Ins

View supplier sign-ins like cleaners, agents, workers etc

Supplier Login

Suppliers can manage their own account and workforce


Request certificates, insurances, licenses and set reminders


Manage Customers

Suppliers can see customers they supply services too

Export Customers

Export your customer lists and see information in one CSV file

Add workforce

Add your workforce users and issue sign-in options

Track Workforce

See your workforce sign in/out at your customers locations

Privacy & Data


Require search to look up staff directory and visitor sign-out

COVID Data Safe

Setup data retention periods for visitors and employees

Anonymise Data

Remove senstive visitor details like name, email, phone etc

Deleta Data

Easily remove all visitor data from the Teamgo system

GDPR Compliance

Setup data retention periods for visitors and employees in the EU


Manage Visitors

See real time visitor activity on the web dashboard

Auto Reports

Send daily, weekly, monthly reports to email addresses


See detailed historical reports and search records

History

View detailed sign-in reports for specific visitors

Export Data

Run detailed reports and export data to CSV file format



Contact us anytime for email support and enquiries

Business Hours

Call during local business hours for phone support and enquires


Service level agreements to meet your compliance needs

Help Guides

A detailed series of guides and how-to's for Teamgo VMS

24/7 Phone Support

Dedicated 24/7 enterprise customer support line

Live Chat

Chat live or leave a message for us online anytime

Account Manager

Dedicated account manager for service and support assistance

Australian Company

We are a technology driven company based in Australia and specialising in Visitor Management software and applications.

Amazon Web Services

You expect the best and we rely on the best with cloud hosting and security provided by Amazon AWS Australia.

Fanatical Support

24/7 support available and experienced account managers on standby - we provide hands on customer assistance.

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