Arrival, departure and everything in between

iPad Kiosk

Unlimited sign-ins

Quick sign in/out with QR codes

Quick sign in/out with pin code

Take photos for identification

Request assistance function

Custom company branding

Offline sign in

Custom flows for different visitor types

Set up unlimited kiosks in the same location

Display compliance documents and capture signatures

Custom kiosk design

Group sign ins

Web Dashboard

Unlimited employees

Send QR code to pre-registered visitors

Set expiry dates for badges

Set up custom visitor information fields

Allow multiples entries

Different badges for different visitor types

Block list and watch list

Manual sign outs

GDPR compliance

Send arrival notifications

Enable/disable remember returning visitor


Bulk import/update employees by CSV

Invite employees via email

Assign roles and permissions

Assign employees to multiple locations

Employee contact directory

Employee attendance tracking

Sync employees using integrations


Pre-register visitors

Display pre-registered visitors on dashboard

Send visitors email invitations

Employee meeting calendar

Badges and printing

Reprint badges from the dashboard

Connect multiple badge printers

Custom badge design for each location

Assign a global badge design to all locations

Location management

Assign location administrator

Run location-specific reports

Upload evacuation diagrams

Automate sign out at night


Export reports

Real time analytics and reports

Send emergency notifications with diagrams

Evacuation activity reports


Email notifications

Teamgo Pass app push notifications

Emergency SMSs

*Additional charges apply.

Optional Features


Developer API



Active Directory

Google Contacts



SalesForce Chatter

SalesForce CRM

*Additional charges apply.


Sign in with FaceID (Facial Recognition)

SMS notifications

Add extra locations

*Additional charges apply.

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