All the tools you need to manage safety and security of visitors at the workplace

Teamgo is fully featured visitor management software in the cloud

Included Features

Teamgo’s visitor management software includes all the following standard features

Free iPad App

Free iPad app so you can display contactless or touchscreen sign-in at your workplaces.

QR Codes

Use QR codes for identification, scan to sign-in and contactless visitor management for health and security


Send instant notifications with email and SMS when visitors or deliveries arrive and emergency alerts are activated.

Unlimited Users

Add unlimited user accounts and groups with no limits on the number of visitors or employee sign-in.

Unlimited Kiosks

Setup and manage unlimited iPad and QR code kiosks in your workplace for multiple access points and visitor types.

Free Smartphone App

Teamgo Pass for iPhone and Android gives employees and instant QR code scanning and app notifications.

Free Setup

We help you get setup with helpful guides, walkthroughs and hands on setup of your kiosk workflows.

Cloud Hosting

We take care of the maintenance and updates with the instant deployment of any changes and new features.

Online Support

Get 24/7 online support or dedicated account managers and service agreements with premium options.

Teamgo Feature Matrix

Standard Plan

Standard features are included with all Teamgo subscriptions using our easy visitor management software.

Premium Plan 

Premium features, integrations and modules deliver more capability with your visitor management system.

Enterprise Plan 

Advanced features, integrations, services and support to help manage your rapidly scaling workplace operations.

Visitor Management

Teamgo is fully featured visitor management software in the cloud. Our system offers you greater workplace safety, security and compliance. Your plans include all the following features as standard.

Visitor Sign-in

Collect important data when visitors arrive and sign-in securely and safely at your workplace.

Booking Schedules

Create booking links for workplaces that need to schedule appointments and manage visitor arrivals.

Visitor QR Codes

Issue QR codes to visitors when they pre-register, print badges or return again for express sign-in.

Visitor Badges

Print instant wearable visitor badges including visitor details, photos and reusable QR codes.

Deny & Block Lists

Mark existing visitors on deny lists that blocks them from sign-in and alerts your emergency contacts.

Employee Sign-in

Register your employees visits at the workplace for time and attendance records.

Instant Notifications

Send instant messages to your workforce when visitors, deliveries and emergencies happen.

Employee QR Codes

Your workforce can be issued QR codes fors fast and secure sign-in using badges or smartphone app

Employee Badges

Issue paper or durable card badges to your workforce showing their ID and reusable QR codes.

Pre-Register Visitors

Visitors can complete online forms and register their info before arrival.

iPad Kiosks

Setup easy to use iPad kiosks for all types of arrivals that need simple or complex data collected.

QR Code Kiosks

Print QR codes that visitors can scan and sign-in using web forms on their own devices.

Watch Lists

Mark visitors on your watch lists so you know when important people or threats arrive on site.

Kiosk App

Teamgo’s kiosk app for iPad offers a free and powerful set of features for you to build forms and complex sign-in workflows taking advantage of the devices features like camera and enabling badge printing options.

Free iPad App

Teamgo's free kiosk app for the Apple iPad provides a customisable and powerful sign-in solution.

Visitor Photos

Use the iPads camera function to take photos of visitors for your records and identification.


Offer delivery drivers a quick and simple way to register their arrival and notify people instantly.

Night Mode

Schedule your iPad kiosks to automatically go into standby mode outside work hours.

Connected Kiosks

Ensure visitors sign out via the same entry kiosks they use at the workplace.

Design & Brand

Customise your kiosk to fit with your organisations branding and marketing needs. Make it yours.

Document Photos

Capture documents your visitors may need to present as part of your compliance requirements.

Request Assistance

Give visitors a quick way to request help with sign-in using a one tap function that sends an alert.

Auto time-out

Set your iPad to default to the welcome home screen when visitors stop responding.


Display a QR code on the iPad home screen that visitors can scan and use web forms on their phone.

Types

Sign in all types of visitors each with different options and data requirements.

Complex Workflows

Build more complex sign-in workflows for different visitor types and capture the right data.

Screen Saver

Display images and messages when your iPad kiosks are not being used.

Offline Mode

If a brief WIFI outage occures the kiosk will save information and push it to the cloud when online.

Badge Printer

Print detailed, instant wearable paper visitor badges when visitors sign in using and iPad Kiosk.

Mobile App - Teamgo Pass

The Teamgo smartphone app for iPhone and Android is the perfect companion for your Employees and Contractor workers to easily sign in sign QR codes, add their contact information, get notifications and remotely sign-in.

Personal QR Code

Give employees a personal QR code they can scan on iPad kiosks for quick and easy sign-in.

Notification History

Look up your notification history and see visitor and delivery details with the Teamgo Pass app.

Visitor Details

See your visitors sign-in details so you can easily identify them, their location and get in contact.

QR Code Scanner

Use the built in QR code scanner to scan iPad kiosk QR codes as an option for contactless sign-in.

Remote sign-in

Search for your nearest Teamgo workplace and remote locations for mobile workforce sign-in.


View your workforce directory and look up colleagues details if you need to contact them.

Push Notifications

Get instant notifications sent to the Teamgo Pass app when visitors, deliveries and other alerts are sent.


Quickly sign out from any location easily with the Teamgo Pass remote sign-out function.

Manage Account

Manage your personal details, contact information and settings with the Teamgo Pass app.

Admin Dashboard

Manage all of your workplace location settings, kiosks and user profiles with powerful tools and detailed reporting so you can stay on top of visitor traffic and respond to critical events.

Location Management

Add your workplace locations, default contacts and emergency notification settings.


View live visitor data and manage their activity at your workplaces with easy to use dashboard lists.

Emergency Notifications

Setup emergency notification templates and send messages in critical event situations.

Reports & Analytics

Access historical reports, apply filters and export data to easy managable CSV file formats.

Manage Kiosks

Setup and connect your workplaces iPad and QR code kiosks for sign-in.


Monitor your workplace employees sign-in activity and assign their access and rules.

Data & Privacy

Setup controls for how you capture data and specific compliance policies like GDPR.

System Settings

Configure Teamgo to work for your specific workplace visitor compliance goals.

Kiosk Designer

Teamgo's powerful kiosk designer helps you build fully featured iPad and QR code sign-in kiosks.

User Groups

Assign users to groups with permission based rules for accessing useful features.

Covid19 Data Privacy

Enforce retention policies for COVID-19 specific data collection policies at your workplace.

Account & Billing

Manage your primary contacts and billing information for your plan and features.

User Dashboard

Give your employees tools to setup meetings and pre-register their visitors before they arrive on site, gathering important information and scheduling appointments to help you manage traffic, health and potential security risks.

Pre-Register Visitors

Register your visitors or send them forms to complete before arrival for workplace compliance needs.


Login to the Teamgo web dashboard and sign-in using your web browser.

Booking Schedules

User personal booking calendars and send visitors links so they can schedule appointments.

User Settings

Manage your user data and Teamgo settings with the Teamgo web dashboard.

Desktop Notifications

Get notifications sent to the Teamgo web dashboard when your visitors arrive.


Extend your Teamgo capability with 3rd party integrations and automate the management of user accounts, data , messaging and authentication with your trusted service providers.

Maintenance Connection

Connect to the powerful Teamgo API and manage users and data.


Get Teamgo notifications sent directly through your HipChat account.

Active Directory

Connect and sync user accounts between active directory and Teamgo.


Push all your visitor traffic data into your CRM and send chatter messages.

Azure Single Sign-On

Connect your workforce to Teamgo and allow login with Azure AD credentials.


Send employees instant messages when their visitors or deliveries arrive.


Send employees instant messages when their visitors or deliveries arrive.

Google Contacts

Automatically sync your users to Teamgo directories and kiosks.


Automatically sync your users to Teamgo directories and kiosks.


Authenticate your LinkSafe users with the Teamgo system on sign-in.

SalesForce Chatter

Push all your visitor traffic data into your CRM and send chatter messages.

Azure Active Directory

Sync your workforce with Teamgo for automated user management.


Need more flexibility? Use WebHooks to build your own integrations.

Teamgo Modules

Modules provide extended functionality to your Teamgo visitor management system specific to your visitor management needs for additional workplace user, safety, security and compliance needs. 

Badge Printing

Visitor Badges

Print visitor badges on sign-in or before visitors arrive.


Include persons details, entry times, photo, logo, QR code.

Employee Badges

Print employee badges using label printers in full colour.

Badge Expiry

Set badges with QR codes to expire after time period

Badge Designer

Customise badge layout and content including QR codes.


Connect Brother Label printer to kiosks for paper visitor badges

SMS Notifications

Visitor Arrivals

Send instant visitor arrival messages to your workforce

Visitor Receipts

Send visitors a copy of their records when they sign-in


Send notices when deliveries arrive to be collected

Emergency Alerts

SMS emergency alerts delivered including web links

Visitor Pass

Send visitors an SMS copy of their visitor badge on sign-in

Watch Lists

Get a notification when people on watch and deny lists sign-in

Caller ID

Visitor Arrivals

Send instant visitor arrival messages to your workforce


Send notices when deliveries arrive to be collected

Visitor Pass

Send visitors an SMS copy of their visitor badge on sign-in


Document Templates

Build your own custom document request forms and attach them to invitations and emails

Document Requests

Send forms and requests for any type of document to your visitors and employees

Document Compliance

Keep detailed records of submitted documents online and set expiration dates and reminders

Vaccine Checking

Request Certificates

Request vaccination documents from your visitors and employees and keep copies for your records

Employee Vaccination

Easily see reports for who has been vaccinated and keep their records on file.

Vaccine Status

See who has been vaccinated for infectious viruses and more, track their shots and boosters

Vaccine Compliance

Keep detailed records of documents including uploaded copies, expiration dates and more

Temperature Checks

Bluetooth Thermometer

Connect the supported UFR-101 infrared thermometer and record visitors temperatures

Kiosk Records

Capture recorded temperatures and display alert messages on screen if results are over acceptable limits


Send instant alerts if temperatire recored is above or below acceptable limits



Add students for sign in/out attendance and departures


Guardian sign in/out and receive student notifications

Worker Checks

Working with Children checks for Australia (VIC/TAS)


Suppliers and Contractors

Add, import and invite suppliers to your account

Manage Sign-Ins

View supplier sign-ins like cleaners, agents, workers etc

Supplier Login

Suppliers can manage their own account and workforce


Request certificates, insurances, licenses and set reminders


Manage Customers

Manage a list customers you provide services to and keep your records up to date for them

Add Workforce

Add your people and send them sign-in options when they arrive at your suppliers workplace

Track Workforce

Add your people and send them sign-in options when they arrive at your suppliers workplace

Visitor Limitations

Overstay Messages

Send alerts to workplace managers and visitors why they stay past allocated timeframes

Capacity Management

Lock kiosks and send instant messages to workplace contacts when you reach people capacity

Visitor Board

Big Screen Display

Display a great looking visitor board in your workplace and monitor your people traffic

On-site Refresh

Instantly see who signs in and out across a all your workplace iPad kiosks and view remotely.

Secure One-time Code

Generate a one time code and login to your visitor board on any web browser enabled device.

Face Recognition

Employee Sign-In

Let your employees sign-in at the workplace with FaceID scanning on the iPad kiosk.

Secure & Private

Choose who is enrolled in FaceID and manage your employees rights to their privacy.

Visitor Pass

FaceID provides fast, secure and instant contactless sign-in for your employees.


We offer several tiers of support so you can be assured help is available no matter the scale and sensitivity of your workplace visitor management needs.


Contact us anytime for email support and general help enquiries.

Phone Support

Call us during business hours and we can walk you through setup and support issues.

Account Managers

Dedicated account managers on call to help you with complex setup and support requirements

Help Guides

Detailed online guides and how-to articles for Teamgo features and advanced modules.

24/7 Phone Support

Account managers and experienced support staff available to you 24/7 when you need it.

Live Chat

Chat live with our team when we are online and get automatic suggested guides.

Service Level Agreements

Teamgo can meet your critical support needs with custom service agreements.

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