Arrival, departure and everything in between

iPad Kiosk

Unlimited sign-ins

Quick sign in/out with QR codes

Quick sign in/out with pin code

Take photos for identification

Request assistance function

Custom company branding

Offline sign in

Custom flows for different visitor types

Set up unlimited kiosks in the same location

Display compliance documents and capture signatures

Custom kiosk design

Group sign ins

Web Dashboard

Unlimited employees

Send QR code to pre-registered visitors

Set expiry dates for badges

Set up custom visitor information fields

Allow multiples entries

Different badges for different visitor types

Block list and watch list

Manual sign outs

GDPR compliance

Send arrival notifications

Enable/disable remember returning visitor


Bulk import/update employees by CSV

Invite employees via email

Assign roles and permissions

Assign employees to multiple locations

Employee contact directory

Employee attendance tracking

Sync employees using integrations


Pre-register visitors

Display pre-registered visitors on dashboard

Send visitors email invitations

Employee meeting calendar

Badges and printing

Reprint badges from the dashboard

Connect multiple badge printers

Custom badge design for each location

Assign a global badge design to all locations

Location management

Assign location administrator

Run location-specific reports

Upload evacuation diagrams

Automate sign out at night


Export reports

Real time analytics and reports

Send emergency notifications with diagrams

Evacuation activity reports


Email notifications

Teamgo Pass app push notifications

Emergency SMSs

*Additional charges apply.

Optional Features


Developer API



Active Directory

Google Contacts



SalesForce Chatter

SalesForce CRM

*Additional charges apply.


Sign in with FaceID (Facial Recognition)

SMS notifications

Add extra locations

*Additional charges apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Teamgo is cloud based software, you don’t need to install anything as you can access the Teamgo dashboard in a web browser and use the Teamgo iPad app as your sign in terminal. We also recommend a tablet enclosure and label printer for the full Teamgo experience. Visit our online store.

A location is a fixed address where you will setup your terminals. A single location can have one or many terminals, if you are a large organisation with multiple distributed offices, you will pay a license fee (monthly or annually) for each location.

When you sign up for Teamgo you are entitled to a 30 day free trial. This gives you access to all the solutions and features (excluding API). If you need an extension of your trial for evaluation purposes contact us to discuss.

Users are people in your ogranisation, typically employees who need access to the Teamgo dasboard and mobile apps. A user who is added to a terminal for visitors to see is called a Host. Other types of users could be contractors or third parties you add with some permissions to use your Teamgo account features, all with permission based roles.

Your Teamgo dashboard will show you the current usage level. If you go over your plan we will send you an email to see if we can upgrade or customise a solution for you. There are no automatic charges to your account so you have some time to see if you need to increase your plan to a custom subscription.

Visitors are people who arrive at your organisation as guests for meetings with Users/Host or events (event attendee) etc. Simply put, a visitor is someone who is not part of your organisation who needs to register their arrival.

Your Teamgo account has a fixed monthly fee plus costs associated with your usage. There are no additional fees. Annual subscriptions are an agreement between you and Teamgo, you will not be charged any additional fees based on your negotiated usage, we account for this when customising your plan. Only when you add a new location or upgrade your plan/downgrade will additional charges be applicable.

A kiosk is a tablet device connected to your Teamgo account. This would be an iPad or Android tablet used as a sign-in point or customised for another functional purpose such as staff or courier sign-in/sign-out.

We do not have contracts for any of our subscriptions. You can cancel any time during a billing period. Annual customers who cancel their account will forfeit any payment made for that subscription period. When you sign up you agree to our Terms of Service but there is no official contract to use Teamgo.

Your Teamgo subscription gives you access to all the features of Teamgo. From our Business plan to Enterprise options, you get the same access to the benefits Teamgo’s system has to offer to help make your workplace more intelligent.

Monthly subscriptions are paid for by card payments only via our secure website. Annual payments can be made one time by card payment or wire to our bank account.

Visitor badges/passes can be printed to a connected network printer. We support the Brother manufactured printers for visitor and badges and most other manufacturer printers for user badges (staff passess, contractor passes etc).

Australian customer payments include Goods and Services Taxes (GST). International customers outside of Australia are exempt from these additional fees but are liable for any local taxes for delivery of digial servies.

Teamgo takes security very seriously. All communications are encrypted between your terminals and the web servers. We use a proven, secure cloud hosting platform. We also adopt strict policies regarding payment card tokens, limiting password attempts, review code for exploits and our development and support team have Police clearence certification checks prior to employment. Learn more about security features.

Yes, both our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are available online to review at anytime. WHen you subscribe to Teamgo services you accept these terms and agree to our privacy statements.