Meeting room booking software with Teamgo

Streamline your workplace with a meeting rooms and spaces booking system using Teamgo Visitor Management

Meeting room booking software

Book meeting rooms easily

Simple web software for managing and allocating your meeting rooms and work spaces
Meeting Room Booking Calendar

Cloud software
No updates, nothing to install and no need to interrupt your operations. Teamgo is cloud software you manage with a web browser.

Manage meeting rooms
Keep a managed and detailed list of all your workplace meeting spaces with the tools to let your employees easily book them.

Safety & security
Know where your people are in the workplace at all times if you have an emergency or need to locate someone.

“Teamgo applications are critical to the department for contact tracing compliance.”

Nathan Hissey
Records & Property Management,
Government of South Australia Department for Innovation and Skills

Teamgo supports safer workplaces globally

World leading companies, organisations and governments worldwide keep their people and workplaces productive, healthy and safer with Teamgo visitor management.

Committed to your privacy and security​

Part of our mission is to create software products that can be trusted by any organisation. We strive to meet the highest standards in your data's privacy and security.


Our policies and controls are designed to protect the collection, use, and disclosure of users information.


Our secure infrastructure, commitment to reliability, and 3rd party testing work together to safeguard your data.


We’re committed to helping you meet your safer workplace strategies and enhancing our own compliance.

Easy to use web booking software

Quick, easy and secure. Employees can login to Teamgo and find then book available meeting rooms, manage their bookings and invite others to join a meeting.

Book online
The Teamgo web dashboard provides simple tools for booking meeting rooms. Find and book rooms or add a room to your visitor pre-registrations and invites.

Add your guests
When booking a room for multiple people, lookup a room that has the right capacity and amenities for your guests then add them to your booking.

Room Booking System
Room Booking

Manage all your meeting rooms and spaces

With Teamgo’s room booking feature you can add all your meeting spaces, their availability and provide information on what facilities are included.

  • Add all your meeting rooms, each one with their own custom booking calendar
  • Assign availability times and build schedules
  • Include important information on what features it has available
  • Add forms to room bookings to gather additional information for your booking records
  • Download room’s iCal and add it to your own calendars
  • Assign a booking URL for easy access outside Teamgo

COVID-19 Safe protection
with Teamgo


Check documents and licenses before people arrive and have your visitors pass health checks and submit important work certificates.

Contactless Sign-in

Reduce the spread of germs and viruses with the use of QR codes and touch free iPad kiosks for visitor and employee sign-in at the workplace.

Vaccine Tracking

Request compliance certificates from visitors and employees ensuring your workplace stays safer and healthy in the event of a critical outbreak


Limit the number of people you can safely allow at the workplace and monitor traffic in real time with instant alerts and notifications.

Real time reports with web software

Keep an eye on live reports when employees arrive and receive instant sign-in alerts. You can monitor traffic on the web dashboard and look up historical activity with just a click. Data can also be exported overnight, weekly and monthly for offline storage or sending to third parties. This automation will improve productivity and save you time.

Australian Company

We're an Australian technology company specialising in Visitor Management software and applications.

Amazon Web Services

You expect the best and we rely on the best with cloud hosting and security provided by Amazon AWS Australia.

Fanatical Support

24/7 support available and experienced account managers on standby - we provide hands on customer assistance.

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