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Visitor Management Solution: Streamline Your Front Desk Operations

Looking to streamline your front desk operations? A visitor management solution can help you enhance efficiency, track visitor data, and ensure a smooth check-in process. Say goodbye to manual sign-in sheets and hello to a more organized and secure system. Discover the benefits of implementing a visitor management solution for your business. Understand the Benefits of a Visitor Management Solution. Implementing a visitor management solution for your business can bring numerous benefits to your front desk operations. With these benefits, it’s clear that implementing a visitor management solution can greatly streamline your front desk operations. Choose the Right Visitor Management

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Time and Attendance Kiosks: The Future of Employee Time Tracking

Are you tired of the hassle and inaccuracies of traditional employee time-tracking methods? Look no further than time and attendance kiosks. These cutting-edge devices are revolutionizing how businesses track employee hours, making the process more efficient and accurate. Say goodbye to manual time cards and hello to the future of time tracking. Read on to learn more about the benefits of time and attendance kiosks. What are time and attendance kiosks? Time and attendance kiosks are advanced devices for tracking and recording employee hours worked. They are typically placed in a central location within a workplace, such as a break

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Teamgo Version 3 Released

As you’ve noticed, we released a new Teamgo dashboard! With the new dashboard we aim to make it easier for Teamgo users to find what they need. Home Screen This is the default screen which every users will see when they first login. This screen shows information relevant and specific to the logged in user, such as their meeting schedules/pre-registrations, personal calendar booking (if enabled), their QR code for scanning to check-in to the Teamgo Kiosk, and managing their profile. Based on user’s group permission, they can also access to the following tabs Visitors  This is the screen your admin

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Returning to the workplace: The importance of safety and convenience to increase employee attendance

As restrictions ease and ’work from home’ orders are lifted, organisations are encouraging employees to return to the workplace. There are benefits to in-person attendance including collaboration, socialisation and productivity. However, the pandemic has shed new light on remote and hybrid working and employees now want to have more convenience and flexibility in their work. So, how does this affect your organisation, what you can do to increase attendance and how can Teamgo can assist your employee attendance efforts. What are the results of poor employee attendance at work? Reduced employee engagement Motivation can be hard to come by at

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6 Workplace Health and Safety features you can implement right now

As companies adapt to the constraints of a global pandemic, we have seen many organisations move away from an in-person model, to now embracing the future of a hybrid workplace.  Because of this, the movements of employees and visitors have become increasingly sporadic, placing greater importance on workplace safety measures.  By employing simple visitor management security systems, you can operate at an optimal safety level whilst remaining extremely efficient. So, here are the top six health and safety features you can implement right now.  1. Visitor Management The first ‘must-have’ with any Teamgo system is contactless visitor management software.  Cloud

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