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Benefits of using a visitor management system

Today many large corporations have purchased a contactless visitor management system (VMS) to replace a paper visitor sign-in book that no longer meets standard regulatory requirements. These systems frequently strive to maintain the safety, security and compliance requirements of growing companies as an organisation expands and the number of employees, visitors, contractors and vendors increases. What is a visitor management system? Electronic visitor management systems are used to sign in and track visitors who arrive at a workplace through QR codes and facial recognition. Teamgo uses cloud software to keep detailed pre-arrival and arrival records of all guests and employees

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How to stay compliant with important regulations

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) contains new data protection requirements that were put into effect on May 25, 2018. These harmonised and replaced the EU’s existing national data protection laws. The goal of enacting clear, uniform data protection laws is to give businesses legal certainty while also increasing consumer trust in online services. Some Australian businesses, known as APP entities, covered by the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) may be required to comply with the GDPR. This applies if the business has an establishment in the EU, regardless of whether they process personal data there, if they

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How Teamgo is Taking Care of the Environment

Humans have a moral responsibility to protect the environment and support the planet’s long-term sustainability. This includes preserving trees, water and the livelihood of animals. Environmentally-friendly business practices help in limiting environmental impact and protecting natural resources. Many businesses still rely on paper for paperwork and data storage. The paper industry consumes 40% of all commercially cut wood on the planet. These productions also demand a lot of water. As a result of this form of production, deforestation occurs. To become more environmentally conscious, as a community, we must also take steps to repair some of the damage that human

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Visitor management in the healthcare sector

  The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the strain on the healthcare sector. The risk of infection and exposure are two of the adverse effects on healthcare workers. Appropriate practices and practical measures, such as a digital visitor management system, are being considered to reduce the risk of infection. According to the World Health Organization, a practice known as contact tracing helps decrease the spread of infectious diseases. The WHO recommends contact tracing to help identify persons who may have been exposed to COVID-19 and to help prevent transmission of the virus. Contact tracing benefits the healthcare facility, its

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How to best make use of visitor management data

On any given day, a large number of people pass through the average workplace. Clients, employees, staff members, family and job applicants all visit for various reasons and for various lengths of time. In reality, organisations and their reasons for maintaining a visitor sign-in are as diverse as the organisations themselves. However, there are a few overarching advantages to keeping accurate visitor records that make the extra time and effort worthwhile for organisations. The primary advantages are: Analytics  Emergency preparation  Security  The purpose of a visitor management system is to collect visitor information such as names, dates and times of

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Integrate Teamgo into communication applications you already use

The times of signing visitors in with a logbook are long gone and a forward-thinking company should have an elegant and effective visitor management system. Thanks to advances in mobile technology, apps allow users to work from anywhere on the go. That need for urgency also transfers to contacting employees wherever they are. The Teamgo visitor management system can send notifications to employees using integrations of the most popular office apps.   Companies rely on apps like Slack, Active Directory, Google, SalesForce and Aruba ClearPass to host a variety of internal services. Keep reading to find out how Teamgo can integrate

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