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What's new? Improved Terminal Designer, Group Sign-ins, Teamgo FaceID and Offline Sign-in

If you are a current Teamgo customer you might have gotten an email a few days ago, announcing our new set of features and improvements. These features and improvements were built based on feedback and requests from you, our customers. So, first of all, I would like to thank you for your support and contribution! I want to deep dive on some of these new features and explain the decisions behind each one. Improvement to Terminal Designer The feature The core design thinking of Teamgo is customizability. We understand each of your visitor flows and registration processes are different. Therefore,

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Mutual mentorship: what can your company and employees get out of it?

The Millennial Workforce   Millennials, or Gen Ys, were born and educated in the unprecedented era of the internet, social media and cutting-edge technology, which exerts great influence in how they behave as workers. A growing demographic within the workforce, by 2025 Millennials will comprise 75% of all jobs available, according to a study by EY. In light of this, businesses have started putting considerable effort into adapting themselves to the changing labour force. Millennials are an entrepreneurial generation. They were taught not to settle for just any job and that their innovative ideas are valuable; and they’re taking this

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8 step strategy to help employees adopt new technology

The “modern office” is evolving fast, and it’s only going to snowball from here. If you want to keep up with the competition you have to implement new technology to make your workforce more productive and more efficient. It’s all too easy finding and installing new solutions in your business, but how exactly do you get employees on board with it and using it in a meaningful way? If you’ve ever been involved in a botched technology roll-out before you’ll know that even the fastest, strongest, flat-out best tech additions can fail disastrously. With each change, you introduce to your

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9 legendary office admin staff from pop-culture

From receptionists to secretaries and personal assistants, office admin staff are the backbone of many businesses. They are the gears that keep turning in the backstage to ensure workplace life runs smoothly and everything is on track. To celebrate all office admins, we’ve made a list of the 9 legendary office admin staff from pop-culture. Loved (and sometimes hated) by the public, these characters have helped to shine some light on what it’s like to be an office admin, whatever the title may be.  1. Joan Holloway (Mad Men) Joan Holloway, Mad Men, AMC (2007-2015) Portrayed by Christina Hendricks, Joan

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5 situations you'll wish you had Teamgo

Are you considering investing in a Visitor Management System, but aren’t sure if it’s worth it? Let’s talk about 5 situations that would have you wishing you had Teamgo…   1. The V.I.P. The Problem This one’s simple. You’ve got a V.I.P. coming in for a meeting, someone you want to impress. Turns out it’s a busy day, your receptionist has many tasks on their plate and is prioritising other work over visitor satisfaction. The V.I.P. shows up and isn’t treated the manner you would have hoped. By the time they get to their meeting their mind is already half

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