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Meet the maker – Steve Barrett

I think people, more often than not, see companies as mere entities. Like an emotionless machine, or a giant faceless corporation with little to no heart. That's because companies tend to hide the people behind them. We at Teamgo don’t like that ideology. ...

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International Receptionist Day: receptionists now and then

You’re going to a meeting at someone else's office. You walk in the door and the first person you see is the receptionist. They greet you with a smile and warm welcoming words. Their hospitality starts you off on the right foot and sets the tone for a del ...

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8 step strategy to help employees adopt new technology

The “modern office” is evolving fast, and it’s only going to snowball from here. If you want to keep up with the competition you have to implement new technology to make your workforce more productive and more efficient. It’s all too easy finding ...

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9 legendary office admin staff from pop-culture

From receptionists to secretaries and personal assistants, office admin staff are the backbone of many businesses. They are the gears that keep turning in the backstage to ensure workplace life runs smoothly and everything is on track. To celebrate all of ...