Returning to the workplace: The importance of safety and convenience to increase employee attendance

As restrictions ease and ’work from home’ orders are lifted, organisations are encouraging employees to return to the workplace. There are benefits to in-person attendance including collaboration, socialisation and productivity. However, the pandemic has shed new light on remote and hybrid working and employees now want to have more convenience and flexibility in their work. So, how does this affect your organisation, what you can do to increase attendance and how can Teamgo can assist your employee attendance efforts.

What are the results of poor employee attendance at work?

Reduced employee engagement

Motivation can be hard to come by at the best of times and consistently working away from the office and colleagues can contribute to this problem. Employees can become disengaged with their work, which can result in financial costs due to the loss of production. 

Reduced morale 

Workplace morale plays a huge role in the happiness of employees and in turn, has the potential to impact other areas of the business. Repercussions of reduced morale can include decreased productivity, increased conflicts, dissatisfied customers and increased employee turnover rates and costs. 

How to improve employee attendance

Implement a proper safety plan

The pandemic has brought on heightened fears around health and safety. By implementing and communicating a strong safety plan, your organisation can cement its commitment to the care and health and safety of its employees. Employees will not only feel valued but they will sigh a sense of relief.

Be flexible and provide support

Some employees will be hesitant to return to the workplace on a more regular basis. Whatever their reasoning, it’s important to be considerate and provide them with support and a return to work plan that works best for all parties. This could include negotiating a hybrid working model or working up to returning to the workplace full time instead of a harsh deadline.

Foster personal connection

No matter the number of video meetings and direct messages, some people may feel awkward when initially returning to the workplace. Employees are also managing and adjusting to new routines, so initiating opportunities to reduce stress and foster connection in a more casual environment can prove to be beneficial. This can include after-work social events, team building activities to break up the day or even a team lunch. 

How an employee sign in software from TeamGo can help your team

Contactless QR Code Sign-In

Teamgo has delivered contactless visitor QR code sign-in since 2013. Our employee sign-in software is a touch-less sign-in process contributes to a safer and more efficient environment for your employees, streamlining arrival and increasing employee attendance tracking.

Each QR code: 

  • Is unique and can be used to record arrival and departure
  • Provides instant sign-in with a single scan 
  • Can be built into existing workflows

 QR codes can:  

  • Be e-mailed to employees
  • Be scanned using the Teamgo iPad kiosk app
  • Be scanned using a smartphone
  • Be printed and scanned with a smartphone to prompt a web sign-in

Temperature scanning thermometer

 The Teamgo Digital Temperature Scanner uses safe and touch-free infrared technology to scan your employee’s forehead body temperature when they arrive at the workplace. Ensure you keep your employees and workplace safe and healthy with instant checks on arrival.

  • Use the device on its own or connect to a Teamgo iPad Kiosk
  • See temperate read instantly on the device LED screen
  • Hear audio ‘beeps’ when a temperature is scanned
  • Use it for employees and contractors

Manage Capacity

 Limit the number of people allowed to sign-in across your locations to keep a safe and compliant number. Get instant reports and monitor your visitor flows. 

  • See a live record of the number of employees signed-in
  • View instant updates of your capacity limits
  • Get notified when a location hits capacity
  • Support your COVID19 policies and compliance objectives

 Emergencies Send instant alerts and messages to all employees on-site when there is a critical event. See who is signed in and provide emergency information with just a few clicks. 

  • Live visitor records of who’s on location and their contact information
  • Send instant SMS and email messages about the emergency to everyone or specific groups of employees
  • Create message templates for critical event types and save time when you have important instructions to send
  • Build Teamgo evacuations into your emergency workflows and procedures
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