Australia’s SaaS Superstars: Top 20 Companies Revolutionising the Industry

Teamgo Takes the Top Spot! (Just Kidding… Or Are We?) – Check Out Australia’s Real SaaS Superstars!

Welcome to the ultimate rundown of the top 20 SaaS trailblazers in Australia. We’re diving into the vibrant world of Software as a Service, where innovation meets necessity. Thanks to the skyrocketing importance of software for business growth, the SaaS landscape has exploded, and Australia is right at the heart of this revolution with a plethora of brilliant, cloud-powered companies.

So, buckle up as we embark on this exciting journey to discover Australia’s SaaS stars.

1. BugHerd

Imagine bug tracking and website feedback made fun and easy! BugHerd has transformed tedious spreadsheets and endless email chains into a streamlined, visual feedback paradise. This nifty tool saves teams up to 4 hours each week by cutting out unclear and unactionable feedback. Now, that’s efficiency with a twist of awesome.

Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia
Founders/CEO: Alan Downie and Matt Milosavljevic

2. Campaign Monitor

Since 2004, Campaign Monitor has been the superhero of email marketing for businesses of all sizes. With dynamic content, customizable templates, and A/B testing, this platform is a marketer’s dream. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with giants like Facebook, Salesforce, Magento, WooCommerce, and Shopify. Whether you’re a boutique hotel or a surf brand, Campaign Monitor has your back with a subscription-based pricing model.

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia
Founders/CEO: Ben Richardson, David Greiner

3. Canva

Canva is the go-to design platform that’s making everyone a graphic designer. Launched in 2013, Canva offers a treasure trove of templates for everything from flyers to business cards. With an extensive library of images and illustrations, plus tools to add text, enhance photos, and more, Canva is your one-stop-shop for all things creative.

Headquarters: Surry Hills, Australia
Founders/CEO: Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht, Cameron Adams

4. Culture Amp

Culture Amp is all about boosting the employee experience. Founded in 2010, this platform lets businesses create in-depth surveys to gather valuable feedback from employees. By emailing out surveys with 40-50 questions, Culture Amp helps companies understand their workforce better and drive engagement. It’s feedback made fun, with subscription plans tailored to the number of users.

Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia
Founder/CEO: Didier Elzinga

5. EarlyBirds

EarlyBirds is shaking things up with its open, innovative ecosystem. This platform speeds up capacity, culture, and innovation, helping businesses—from startups to scale-ups—discover, interact with, and explore new ideas and challenges. Customers can collaborate with or purchase innovative products and services, molding the future with actionable innovations. With millions of innovators and hundreds of experts, EarlyBirds is your go-to hub for groundbreaking solutions.

Headquarters: Canberra, Australia
Founder/CEO: Andrew Parnell

6. Employment Hero

Employment Hero, founded in 2014, is the HR sidekick every small to mid-sized business needs. This SaaS-driven software simplifies payroll, productivity, and HR management with features like recruiting, document management, onboarding, reporting, payroll, performance reviews, and employee self-service. It’s your one-stop shop for all things HR, making work life easier and more efficient.

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia
Founders/CEO: Ben Thompson, Dave Tong

7. FlexRule

FlexRule is revolutionizing business decision automation with its powerful, low-code platform. Specializing in optimized, customer-centric, and situation-aware decisions, FlexRule offers an advanced decision management suite. This suite automates tactical and operational business decisions across various aspects, delivering game-changing results for startups, large businesses, and government agencies alike.

Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia
Founder/CEO: Goli Tajadod

8. Go1

Go1 is your go-to SaaS platform for employee training. Personalize a white-labeled training portal by integrating courses from their marketplace or create custom courses with your business content. Go1 is on a mission to “unlock positive potential through a love of learning,” helping individuals and organizations boost their skills and knowledge.

Headquarters: Queensland, Australia
Founders/CEO: Andrew Barnes, Chris Eigeland, Chris Hood, Vu Tran

9. Linius Technology

Linius Technology is all about creating hyper-personalized video experiences. By enriching video data, they make content smarter and more engaging. Their globally patented video virtualization technology lets businesses stream an infinite amount of personalized video to keep audiences captivated. They also offer cutting-edge video conferencing solutions, taking virtual meetings to the next level.

Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia
Founder/CEO: Chris Richardson

10. Marble

Marble is your go-to cloud-based platform for finding top-notch caregivers. This unique online marketplace lets you search, book, and pay for caregivers all in one place. From domestic help to nursing, personal care, travel assistance, and even therapy support, Marble categorizes caregivers to fit your specific needs. Caregivers can easily create profiles and get matched with jobs, making the process seamless and efficient for everyone.

Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia
Founders/CEO: Peter Scutt, Tony Charara

11. MeerkatWatch

Meerkat Watch is the vigilant guardian of your website’s uptime and response time. This SaaS platform detects and notifies you of any issues, ensuring your online presence remains uninterrupted. With round-the-clock checks from multiple locations, Meerkat Watch guarantees your site is accessible globally, not just in Australia. Keep your business running smoothly with minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

Headquarters: Adelaide, Australia
Founder/CEO: Ben Rubin

12. Octopus Deploy

Octopus Deploy is revolutionizing the way software developers handle deployments. This Australian SaaS company offers a dot net deployment automation tool that streamlines the process, saving time and effort. Deploy ASP.NET applications and Windows services effortlessly into staging, test, and production environments. With integrations like Jenkins, TeamCity, and Bamboo, Octopus Deploy makes deployment a breeze on a subscription basis.

Headquarters: Brisbane, Australia
Founder/CEO: Paul Stovell

13. Powered by Change

Powered by Change is your ultimate SaaS platform for identifying new business opportunities. By focusing on purpose, people, process, and product, this holistic approach drives innovation and growth. Trusted by hundreds of top-tier global companies, Powered by Change accelerates business growth with its advanced methodologies, making it one of the most powerful platforms on the market.

Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia
Founder/CEO: Jonathan MacDonald

14. Protiviti

Protiviti offers a comprehensive SaaS solution from visioning and planning to cloud migration and implementation. As a leading cloud computing consulting firm in Australia, Protiviti partners with major cloud suppliers to ensure clients get the best out of the cloud environment. They provide end-to-end services that maximize efficiency and innovation.

Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia
Founder/CEO: Garran Duncan

15. RosterElf

RosterElf simplifies Rostering and Payroll Management for small and medium enterprises with its innovative SaaS platform. It’s one of the best online staff scheduling tools, seamlessly integrating with accounting solutions like Sage, Xero, and MYOB. RosterElf helps businesses set targets, reduce time theft, eliminate payroll errors, and save up to 4% on labor, making staff management easy and efficient.

Headquarters: Western Australia
Founder/CEO: Simon Ingleson

16. Safety Culture

Since 2004, Safety Culture has been the go-to for businesses wanting a mobile-first audit solution to boost workplace safety and compliance. Their flagship tool, iAuditor, allows businesses to create custom inspection reports, checklists, and automated workflows to enhance team collaboration. Serving industries like retail, construction, aviation, and hospitality, Safety Culture’s client list includes big names like British Airways, Shell, and Marriott. Their subscription model makes it easy for businesses to get on board and stay compliant.

Headquarters: Queensland, Australia
Founder/CEO: Luke Anear

17. simPRO

simPRO is a cloud-based field service management software that takes the hassle out of operations, workforce, and field service management. It offers a suite of tools including project management, asset management, scheduling, dispatching, and fleet tracking. This powerful platform helps businesses streamline their operations and improve efficiency, making it a must-have for service-based industries.

Headquarters: Queensland, Australia
Founders/CEO: Curtis Thomson, Stephen Bradshaw, Vaughan McKillop

18. SmartOysters

Developed by an oyster farmer for oyster farmers, SmartOysters is a revolutionary SaaS tool designed to optimize aquaculture practices. This platform helps farmers scale production, reduce costs, and boost export capabilities. SmartOysters connects farmers, facilitates knowledge sharing, and supports business growth with features like GPS mapping and customizable reports. It’s the ultimate tool for modern oyster farming.

Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia
Founder/CEO: Ewan McAsh

19. The Spatial Distillery Company

Specializing in Geo-Spatial and location intelligence solutions, The Spatial Distillery Company helps businesses make precise, informed decisions. Their SaaS platform simplifies the complexities of location data, allowing clients to focus on core operations. They excel in creating, sourcing, and maintaining spatial data, helping companies leverage location intelligence for success.

Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia
Founder/CEO: Nigel Lester

20. Woodboard Technologies

Woodboard Technologies stands out in the SaaS industry with its unique focus on mental health. Their platform enhances employee well-being through mindfulness techniques, reward systems, and recognition programs. This innovative approach not only boosts mental health but also improves productivity and workplace happiness. Businesses using Woodboard create a positive and productive environment, making it a valuable tool for any organization.

Headquarters: New South Wales, Australia
Founder/CEO: Rumi Guzder

Australia is a powerhouse in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) sector, home to many groundbreaking companies. We’ve highlighted the top 20, but the list doesn’t stop here. Countless other innovative SaaS companies are making waves in their industries and across the globe. Explore these fantastic Australian SaaS companies as they continue to grow and make a significant impact. Let us know in the comments if there are other companies you think should be on this list.


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