Benefits of using a visitor management system

Today many large corporations have purchased a contactless visitor management system (VMS) to replace a paper visitor sign-in book that no longer meets standard regulatory requirements.

These systems frequently strive to maintain the safety, security and compliance requirements of growing companies as an organisation expands and the number of employees, visitors, contractors and vendors increases.

What is a visitor management system?

Electronic visitor management systems are used to sign in and track visitors who arrive at a workplace through QR codes and facial recognition. Teamgo uses cloud software to keep detailed pre-arrival and arrival records of all guests and employees that enter a workplace.

Any company can use a VMS to create, approve, record and update visitors profiles, as well as the access permissions associated with them. As a result, resource productivity increases costs decrease and security and compliance outcomes improve.

Key benefits of a visitor management system

Prolonged visitor management compliance failures are an ongoing audit issue, putting certification and the commercial arrangements associated with it at risk.

COVID-19 has altered the landscape for large-scale VMS and is hastening technology modernisation projects to assist businesses in dealing with the organisational, lawful and regulatory risks posed by a workplace outbreak. As a result, more businesses are investing in visitor management solutions.

There are key benefits to upgrading to a corporation visitor management system:

  • Provide efficient security performance – In the scenario of COVID-19, corporate leaders must understand the risks of employees contracting the virus in the workplace and take reasonable precautions to prevent the virus from spreading. Retaining infected people out of the building will be easier with pre-entry inspections and inductions, thermal scanners and contactless technology integrated into the VMS. The ability to quickly access a full list of all staff, visitors and contractors on-site for use in an emergency is a major benefit of a VMS. VMS automatically removes the need to sift through paper lists.
  • Enhance service production – Enterprise solutions also provide self-service features for hosts and visitors, as well as automated approval processes, which provide higher service levels than standard solutions and manual processes.
  • Enrich resource utilisation – By automating visitor access management processes, security professionals can improve operational efficiency by reducing the number of people, time and infrastructure required to manage access additions, alterations and removals on a large scale.
  • Cost-cutting – Process automation boosts productivity, lowers transaction costs and substantially improves security and compliance outcomes. Automation can also provide contract workers and suppliers with more accurate access, ensuring regulatory compliance at every stage of the process. One of the significant benefits of a VMS is that increased productivity and efficiency lead to lower costs. A VMS can eliminate the costs associated with traditional visitor management by eliminating operating costs including the need to purchase new paper visitor books and badges.
  • Improve policy compliance – All individuals and services are properly validated, approved and auditable. All visitor access privileges are granted in accordance with policy.
  • Enable employee self-service – Off-site management of common physical access management processes by hosts and visitors allows security operations to focus on risk management and security management instead of administrative work.
  • Improve security risk management –  VMS can improve policy enforcement for access approvals and privileged access, as well as address issues such as insider threat, hybrid working arrangements and privilege creep. One of the most important advantages of a VMS is increased safety. It is critical for any organisation, company or workplace to be aware of everything that occurs within its walls. The ability to identify visitors enables staff to be prepared for any unwelcome situation.
  • Improve audit outcomes – Corporate visitor systems assist businesses in ensuring physical access management policies are followed, with auditable reporting.

The benefits of visitor management systems are evident, from the ease of use of its user experience to the remarkable first impression it creates.

Additional benefits of a visitor management system

Better visibility

VMS ensures it is easy to distinguish and track individuals in the building because visitor information is registered and a photo ID is taken.

Since VMS generates a photo ID for each visitor it registers, receptionists can easily identify visitors. You can also study visitor patterns and keep track of ongoing visitor activities. Guests can also pre-register, which allows receptionists to be adequately equipped with information about them when they start arriving.

Enhanced brand image

Technology integration has become an essential component of a modern work atmosphere. The availability of a visitor management system can provide a positive first impression of the company to a technologically savvy visitor. These features are sometimes required to attract the attention of potential customers, who may have a higher opinion of the company.

If you are looking for an all-in-one visitor management solution for visitor registration, badging, security, tracking of visitors and staff and visitor log reports, take a look at the features of Teamgo below.

Features and benefits of Teamgo

iPad Kiosk – With a self-service kiosk for seamless check-in and check-out features for both staff and visitors, Teamgo simplifies visitor management. The system reduces the amount of time spent on paperwork and provides visitors with a professional experience.

  • Unlimited sign-ins
  • Quick sign-in/out with QR codes
  • Quick sign-in/out with pin code
  • Take photos for identification
  • Request assistance function
  • Custom company branding
  • Offline sign in
  • Custom flows for different visitor types
  • Set up unlimited kiosks in the same location
  • Display compliance documents and capture signatures
  • Custom kiosk design
  • Group sign-ins

Web dashboard – Your visitor data is displayed on a real-time dashboard by the visitor registration system.

Highlight branding – Welcome visitors with a branded sign-in screen that provides a personalised experience. To make an enticing impression on visitors, customise the kiosk with the company logo and brand colours.

Notifications in real-time – Employees receive immediate notifications about visitors, guests and deliveries via SMS, email, app notifications and phone calls. The Teamgo VMS saves a lot of time and effort to track visitors, ultimately increasing productivity.

Visitor data and reports in real-time– Obtain real-time data on visitors’ entry and exit times. The Teamgo VMS generates customised visitor reports and provides insights into visitor details such as how long they stayed, how many extra hours they had and more.

Pre-register visitors– If a specific visitor meeting is already scheduled, visitor information can be added to the system ahead of time, which speeds up the entire sign-in process and makes the overall registration process hassle-free.

Recalls returning visitors – ll information is stored in the electronic VMS, therefore returning guests and their details remain in the system for future visits. This saves time in addition to ensuring no unwanted visitors return to the premises by immediately notifying a security team.

Teamgo’s goal was to create a system that would replace all paper with digital, transforming not only the physical workplace but also how we work. A system that collects enough data over time for organisations to see and understand actionable insights and make predictions that improve future operational efficiency.

Say goodbye to paper registers and manual visitor logbooks. Request trial access now!

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