Visitor Management with Real Estate/Commercial

The effects of COVID have been evident all over the world and the ripples have been felt within the real estate sector. The closure of open houses has made finding a property difficult for tenants and potential homeowners. Restrictions on capacity and social distancing guidelines have also resulted in the industry re-thinking its everyday operations. 

To help maintain safety procedures during real estate operations, Teamgo has an affordable visitor management system to help agents and customers remain safe at all times. 

Manage Capacity

To help manage capacity, Teamgo can limit the number of people allowed to sign in at any location. Our visitor management system can deliver instant reports and monitor visitor flows including

  • Alive record of the number of people signed-in 
  • Instant updates of your capacity limits 
  • Notifications when your capacity is reached
  • Supporting COVID19 policies and compliance objectives 


With Teamgo, delivery drivers are able to complete strict sign-in workflows or use simple drop off and notification tools such as: 

  • Send arrival notifications to employees 
  • Request a signature to leave packages 
  • Record accurate driver delivery records 
  • Build custom sign-in workflows 
  • Keep your compliance needs in check 

Pre-Register visitors

Enrol your visitors before they arrive by signing in with the Teamgo visitor pre-registration app. You will be able to collect important compliance, safety, security information, screen visitors and issue QR codes. This feature means you can: 

  • Collect custom pre-registration invitation emails and forms 
  • Build templates for your visitor types 
  • Setup custom forms and workflows 
  • Request documents, photo ID and more 
  •  Support COVID19 and contact tracing compliance

Visitor System Sign-in

With the Teamgo electronic visitor sign-in system, you will be able to capture all of your visitors from the invitation, to arriving on location. Visitors will be able to sign in by scanning QR codes, registering on iPad kiosks, or completing safety and security workflows. Here is what visitors can do to ensure they sign in correctly and safely: 

  • Sign-in with our iPad visitor management system or QR code posters 
  • Complete custom sign-in workflows 
  • Express sign-in for return visitors
  • Record accurate sign-in/out data 
  • Support COVID19 and contact tracing efforts
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