Best practices for pre-screening your visitors

Around the world, measures are being put in place to better prepare for the future of the pandemic. Organisations have introduced office mask policies and are moving to hybrid work environments. These shifts are also being reflected in visitor management systems through pre-registration features. 

While pre-registration can be used to solely speed up a sign-in process, however, the feature is particularly valuable for COVID-19 management. Changing demands in the visitor process, such as health guidelines and capacity restrictions have resulted in more compliance requirements. Pre-registration can help to maintain the workplace safety of your employees, suppliers and visitors.

What is pre-registration?

Pre-registration involves collecting important compliance, safety and security information before the expected arrival.

For example, if an organisation has a planned visit, users of a visitor management system can request ID details, proof of vaccination and symptom reports, in addition to, reading and signing induction documents and other relevant forms. QR codes can also be issued to visitors through a pre-registration system to increase the efficiency of the sign-in process.

Pre-registration can also be implemented on a more regular basis for employees. Ensuring health compliance and preventing further spread by pre-screening all personnel is an even more thorough way to maintain workplace safety.

Pre-registration with Teamgo

The Teamgo pre-registration feature offers a customisable experience.

  • Custom pre-registration invitation emails and forms
  • Build templates for visitor types
  • Set up custom forms and workflows

The system also heavily supports COVID-19 compliance.

Track Vaccination Status

Ask your workers to submit vaccination certifications and see their status in live and historical reports. Teamgo can request and store documents in the user’s records so you have access to important data when you need it.

  • Send vaccination document requests to your Teamgo users
  • Ask employees to complete forms anytime you send them and request their supporting documents
  • View live records of current vaccinations when documents are submitted
  • Notify employees when documents are expiring or have expired
  • Display alerts on sign in Kiosks if documents are due or expired
  • Support COVID19 policies and compliance objectives

Manage occupancy levels at the workplace

Limit the number of people allowed to sign in across your locations to keep a safe and compliant number. Get instant reports and monitor your visitor flows.

  • See a live record of the number of people signed-in
  • View instant updates of your capacity limits
  • Get notified when you reach capacity
  • Show your visitors you are at capacity when they use kiosks
  • Support COVID19 policies and compliance objectives

Additional features of Teamgo pre-registration include:

Capture visitor signatures

If your compliance and regulations need visitors to sign legal documents, agree to your policies or anything else, Teamgo can capture signatures and record PDF copies.

Paperless storage

Reduce workplace paper waste and capture digital signatures that are stored as a PDF in your secure web dashboard.

Send copies

Email a PDF copy of signed policies to visitors so they can also keep a record of items they have agreed to when visiting your workplaces.

How does Teamgo pre-registration work?

There are several steps to pre-registration with Teamgo. 

  1. The host enters the visitor into the system and an invitation will be automatically sent to the visitor’s email.
  2. Visitors follow the link in the invitation email to enter their details and receive their QR code.
  3. Visitors scan their QR code upon arrival.

What can visitors do when they pre-register?

  1. Accept a calendar invitation from the host.
  2. Provide their details online by registering via a secure link.
  3. Agree to an induction message or contract online.
  4. Register themselves as a guest yet to arrive. 
Pre-register groups

Pre-registering is also not limited to individuals. Teamgo allows users to pre-register groups of people. This can be particularly beneficial for large corporations handling high volumes of visitors. 


Pre-registering for screening

Pre-registration can also help to regulate who is allowed to physically enter your workplaces with visitor screening and measures that restrict access. This can include marking visitors on deny access or watch lists and trigger instant alerts when they come on-onsite or attempt to access restricted sign-in kiosks.


Once pre-registration is complete

Once pre-screening and registration are complete, additional visitor management can begin. 

For example, your compliance needs may require your visitors to display badges while on-site that shows important information and verifies identity. Users of Teamgo can print unique visitor badges to assist with the on-site compliance process prior to arrival. 

Additionally, each time a visitor is pre-registered or checks in at your kiosks, Teamgo can create a unique record of that visit and establish a visitor account. This account is simply a User ID that is identified as a string of random numbers for future use.

For more information about pre-screening visitors visit our online help centre.

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