Teamgo tips for office Operations Managers

The role of an operations manager is diverse. Every day they work across different departments, taking on responsibilities such as recruitment, training, strategising, process development and much more. Teamgo visitor management software can help operations managers to wear these many hats through a range of safety and compliance features.

Safety of employees and visitors

Ensuring there are appropriate procedures and processes in place is paramount to the safety and security of employees and visitors. 

Employee and visitor sign-in

Teamgo offers a touch-less sign-in process for anyone visiting a workplace, improving arrival efficiency and reducing the spread of germs.

  • Use a QR code or a Teamgo visitor management kiosk for contactless visitor management
  • Pre-register visitors
  • Issue ID badges
  • Pre-request documents
  • Manage capacity
  • Manage contact tracing
Emergency communication

Teamgo visitor management can help to manage employees and visitors in an event of an emergency. 

  • Live visitor records of who is on-site and their contact info
  • Send instant SMS and email messages about the emergency
  • Create message templates for critical event types
  • Build Teamgo evacuations into your emergency workflows
  • Deliver a safer procedure and meet compliance goals

Integrate with tools already used

Thanks to advances in mobile technology, apps are part of our every day, at home and in the workplace. Companies rely on directory, notification, contractor management and other applications to host a variety of internal services. Teamgo can seamlessly connect with these popular office apps and can send notifications through these integrations.

  • Active Directory
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google
  • Slack
  • SalesForce Chatter
  • Atlassian HipChat
  • Aruba ClearPass
  • Zapier
  • WebHooks
  • RESTful API
  • LinkSafe
  • Maintenance Connection

Reporting and analytics

With Teamgo, users can view real-time and instant reporting of visitor traffic so administrators know who’s onsite and why. The visitor management system securely stores all visitor data and it can be retrieved at any time. 

  • See live analytics on-screen with your web dashboard
  • View historical reports anytime
  • Send automated reports to email addresses
  • Use privacy tools to remove or anonymise records
  • Time-based auto data removals with COVID and GDPR tool

This feature can also be utilised across multiple locations with a centralised dashboard and customised requirements depending on the location. 

Teamgo | Visitor Management

Customise and Brand your visitor management system

A visitor management system kiosk is one of the first things a visitor will see when entering an establishment. With Teamgo, the kiosk is an iPad visitor management system. The kiosk is easily accessible and also highly customisable. Users are able to adapt the features to best suit their needs

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Teamgo | Visitor Management

Hybrid workplace

In the last two years, remote working has been the ‘new norm’ for many organisations that have been affected by COVID-19 restrictions and closures. Since countries and state lines have begun to re-open, a hybrid model has been put in place within many companies that choose to incorporate more flexible

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International Women's Day: Women in Tech

International Women’s Day is a symbolic date in women’s fight to bridge gender disparity. Created to celebrate women’s social, economical, cultural and political achievements, March 8th is a catalyst for raising awareness and advocating for women’s empowerment. The technology industry is generally a male-dominated field, with only 18% of technology jobs

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