Visitor Management Showdown: Teamgo vs. Envoy – Choose Your Castle’s Perfect Wizard!

When it comes to wrangling visitors, employees, and contractors, picking the right software can supercharge the efficiency and security of your workplace. Enter Teamgo and Envoy, two big players offering stellar features to keep operations smooth and safe.

Teamgo is the darling of user-friendly, compliance-focused cloud visitor management. Think automated visitor arrivals, customisable workflows, and comprehensive reporting—all tailored to a myriad of organisational needs. It’s like having a personal assistant with a laser focus on compliance and efficiency.

Envoy, on the other hand, shines as an all-in-one workplace solution, boasting tools to manage visitors, spaces, and occupancy data. It’s a versatile option for those wanting a bit of everything under one roof.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the nitty-gritty of each software, spotlighting their strong suits while showcasing how Teamgo takes the crown as the top pick for organisations around the globe.


In the dynamic world of visitor, employee, and contractor management, both Teamgo and Envoy bring a plethora of features to the table, aiming to sprinkle a bit of magic into the daily workings of your workplace.

At the heart of their offerings lie automated visitor check-in processes, waving goodbye to the days of dusty old paper sign-ins and ushering in a new era of sleek digital solutions. This not only jazzes up the arrival process but also ensures your records are as precise as a Swiss watch and updates flow in faster than gossip in the break room.

Both Teamgo and Envoy have donned their capes for the contactless era, offering QR code sign-ins that’ll have you feeling like you’re breezing through check-in without so much as a handshake. Perfect for those health-conscious environments where elbow bumps are the new norm.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any snazzier, they whip out their notification wands. With robust alert systems firing off emails and SMS faster than you can say “Bob’s your uncle,” hosts are kept in the loop the moment visitors step foot through the door. It’s like having a butler who anticipates your every need, minus the stuffy uniform and bowtie.

But wait, there’s even more magic in the cauldron! Detailed reporting and analytics whisk you away to a land where workplace traffic flows like a well-rehearsed ballet, enabling organisations to make decisions that would make even the savviest of resource allocators raise an impressed eyebrow.

So, whether you’re Teamgo-ing or Envoy-ing, rest assured, your workplace management is in for a sprinkle of stardust that’ll make even the mundane feel like a journey through Wonderland.

Feature Comparison

Teamgo vs Envoy

FeatureTeamgo Essentials PlanEnvoy Free PlanEnvoy Standard Plan
Price per Month$49 per locationFree$131 per location
Unlimited Visitors✔️✔️✔️
Host Notifications✔️ (Email, Teamgo Pass)✔️ (Email)✔️
Visitor Photos✔️
Custom Visitor Workflows✔️✔️
Pre-register Visitors✔️✔️
Overstay Management✔️✔️
Visitor Capacity Limits✔️✔️
Multi-factor Authentication✔️✔️
Data Management Tools✔️✔️
Emergency Messaging✔️
Temperature Check✔️
Badge Printing✔️✔️
Email Notifications✔️✔️✔️
SMS Notifications✔️
Employee Sign-in✔️
Time and Attendance Reports✔️
Online Support✔️✔️
Legal Documents Handling✔️

When it comes down to the nitty-gritty comparison between Teamgo and Envoy, they’re cut from the same cloth in terms of core functionalities. However, if we take a peek at user ratings on platforms like Capterra, a tale of subtle distinctions emerges, painting Teamgo as the shining star in the realm of user satisfaction.

Picture this: both systems strut their stuff with self check-in/check-out capabilities, visitor tracking that’s tighter than a drum, alerts/notifications that are prompter than a cat on a hot tin roof, and registration and badge management that could charm the socks off even the pickiest of visitors. These are the bread and butter of modern visitor management, and both Teamgo and Envoy have their slice of the pie.

Yet, when the spotlight shines on Teamgo, it’s a standing ovation across the board. Users shower Teamgo’s self check-in/check-out, visitor tracking, alerts/notifications, registration management, and badge management with a perfect 5.0 rating. It’s like the Oscars of user satisfaction, and Teamgo is sweeping every category, thanking the academy with a humble smile.

On the flip side, Envoy does put on a good show, but its ratings, while respectable, fall a tad short of perfection. With a 4.0 for self check-in/check-out, 4.3 for visitor tracking, 4.2 for alerts/notifications, 4.1 for registration management, and 4.3 for badge management, Envoy seems to have forgotten to tie its bow tie in a few areas. Sure, it’s still a top contender, but there’s a whisper of room for improvement, especially in those crucial categories like self check-in/check-out and registration management, where it’s playing catch-up to Teamgo.

So, while both contenders may dance in the same ring, when it comes to user satisfaction, Teamgo steals the spotlight, delivering a performance that leaves even the toughest critics clamouring for an encore.

Self Check-In/Check-Out5.04.0
Visitor Tracking5.04.3
Registration Management5.04.1
Badge Management5.04.3

These user ratings underscore that while both Teamgo and Envoy offer comprehensive and effective visitor management solutions, Teamgo’s exceptional user satisfaction ratings highlight its edge in delivering a superior overall experience.

When evaluating the cost and feature offerings of Teamgo and Envoy, it’s clear that both platforms cater to different needs and budgets. Envoy provides a free plan with basic features like unlimited visitors and host notifications, making it an attractive option for smaller operations or those just starting with visitor management. However, the free plan’s limitations may prompt growing businesses to consider their Standard plan, priced at $131 per location per month on a monthly plan. This plan includes additional functionalities such as badge printing and legal document handling.

In comparison, Teamgo’s Essentials plan, priced at $49 per location per month, offers a more comprehensive suite of features at a significantly lower cost. This plan includes unlimited visitors, visitor photos, custom workflows, pre-registration, visitor capacity limits, multi-factor authentication, and extensive data management tools. It also provides emergency messaging and temperature checks, which are particularly relevant in today’s health-conscious environment. While the Essentials plan does have some limitations—such as a 50-user cap, lack of SMS notifications, no integrations, and restricted document handling—it still covers a broad spectrum of essential features that can cater to most organisational needs – and upgradable to be included in a reasonable $149/month per location (20% off for Annual plans).

For businesses seeking robust visitor management without a hefty price tag, Teamgo’s Essentials plan offers excellent value. It balances affordability with an extensive range of features, making it a strong contender against Envoy’s more expensive standard offering. Additionally, Teamgo’s extensive support options, including online, email chat, and instructional videos, ensure that users can maximise the potential of their visitor management system with ease.

Overall, while Envoy provides solid options with its free and Standard plans, Teamgo’s Essentials plan stands out for its cost-effectiveness and comprehensive feature set, making it a compelling choice for organisations aiming to enhance their visitor management capabilities efficiently and economically.

Building Businesses for Employees and Customers Alike

In the ever-evolving landscape of workplace dynamics, it’s increasingly recognised that successful businesses are those that prioritise the well-being and satisfaction of their employees alongside their customer-centric strategies. After all, happy employees are often the cornerstone of exceptional customer experiences.

However, recent feedback on Glassdoor provides insight into the internal workings of Envoy, highlighting some challenges faced within the organisation. Reviews ranging from May 19 to April 25, 2024, echo sentiments of employees, expressing both positive and negative aspects of their experiences.

On the bright side, there are commendations for Envoy’s inclusive workplace culture, highlighted by the presence of supportive teams and leadership in departments such as Customer Success Management, Finance, Marketing, and Workplace Technology. Additionally, benefits such as comprehensive healthcare coverage and employee resource group events contribute positively to the overall employee experience.

Despite these positives, there are notable areas of concern voiced by employees. Issues such as perceived lack of vision and strategic direction, coupled with frequent shifts in focus, have led to a sense of instability and inefficiency within the organisation. Furthermore, criticisms of leadership style and decision-making processes, as well as concerns regarding career growth opportunities, have contributed to an environment described by some as toxic and demotivating.

It’s evident from these reviews that while Envoy may excel in certain aspects of employee satisfaction, there are areas where improvement is warranted to ensure a more positive and sustainable work environment. As businesses continue to navigate the complexities of employee engagement and organisational culture, addressing these concerns will be crucial in fostering a workplace that thrives both internally and externally.

Final Summary

In the epic quest for the perfect visitor management software, it’s like choosing the right potion for your magical castle—crucial for maintaining a secure, efficient, and downright welcoming environment. Enter Teamgo and Envoy, two wizards in the realm of workplace wizardry, each wielding their own arsenal of spells to charm your visitors.

But fear not, noble decision-maker! We’ve peered into our crystal ball and unearthed some enchanting insights for your consideration.

Teamgo’s Essentials plan emerges from the mist as a shining beacon of value, priced at a mere $49 per location per month. With features as plentiful as a dragon’s hoard—including unlimited visitors, custom workflows, pre-registration, emergency messaging, and more—it’s like unlocking a treasure trove of visitor management delights without breaking the royal coffers.

Meanwhile, Envoy beckons with a free plan, perfect for fledgling wizards dipping their toes into the magical waters of visitor management. Their Standard plan, priced at $131 per location per month, offers additional goodies like badge printing and legal document handling, tailored for those who seek the grandeur of a castle fit for a king.

Now, while Envoy may sprinkle some fairy dust with its free and Standard plans, let’s not forget the majestic allure of Teamgo’s Essentials plan. With superior value and user satisfaction, it’s like discovering a hidden chamber filled with the finest treasures of visitor management.

So, dear quester, as you embark on your noble journey to choose the perfect visitor management solution, remember: with Teamgo, every step is like a waltz through a enchanted forest, where every visitor is greeted with open arms and every task is completed with the elegance of a royal ball.


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