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Frequently asked questions

For pricing and plan features just visit the pricing page here

No additional fees or hidden costs, your monthly or annual price is set based on the features you use and the locations you have.

We do not put quotas or costs on check-in metrics of any type, notifications sent, users added, visitors recorded, documents uploaded.

If you have any concerns reach out to [email protected]

This depends on how you want to use the service, configure your sign-in kiosks and the purpose you need Teamgo for. You actually do not need any hardware if you just want to use a QR code check-in (simple) or for more functionality you can use an iPad and the Teamgo kiosk app, printers for badges and even use smartphones and the Teamgo Pass app for staff sign-in.

See our online store for hardware options.

We offer discounts on all annual plans for customers that submit evidence of their charity or not for profit status.

We offer discounts on all annual plans for customers that submit evidence of their education or school registration status.

Yes! We offer a tailored enterprise service with the features, global benefits and support you would expect from a company willing to help protect your people and workplaces.

See our enterprise options here.

Online transactions via credit or debit cards using Mastercard, Visa or Amex are available. Billing is typically monthly or annually (annual pricing is popular as we offer discounts). 

Customers on Enterprise plans and services can pay via bank transfer.

We do not accept checks (cheques).

Taxes on subscription fees are included where applicable. Australian customers a charged with an inclusive tax rate of 10% for GST.

Each workplace address you use Teamgo will require a license. This is called a “location license”.

Based on the plan you have chosen, your pricing will be the plan price multiplied by location licenses.

We will send you an invoice for each billing cycle (usually monthly or annually). Enterprise and multiple location customers will be invoiced manually by an account manager. Your invoice will include the billing dates, plan details, locations and the price including any taxes.

License pricing may change at times depending on market conditions or modifications to plan features.

Customers will be notified of any changes well in advance should this occur.

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