Asset booking software for your Workplace

Streamline your workplace with an assets booking system using Teamgo Visitor Management software

Booking Assets

Book workplace assets easily

Simple but powerful web software for booking your workplace assets
Booking Software


A great option if your workplace has hot desks that need to be booked by your employees or visitors.

Booking Lockers


Allocate lockers and other storage assets for your employees and visitors with Teamgo visitor management!

Booking Vehicles


Track your vehicle usage and bookings with an easy to use Asset booking software system using Teamgo.

Cloud software convenience
No installation or interruptions, easily manage Teamgo through a web browser.

Efficient asset booking
Keep a comprehensive list of workplace assets and empower employees to book them effortlessly.

Enhanced safety and security
Maintain real-time visibility of assets and people within the workplace for improved safety measures.

“Teamgo applications are critical to the department for our visitors safety and compliance.”

Nathan Hissey
Records & Property Management,
Government of South Australia Department for Innovation and Skills

Teamgo supports safer workplaces globally

World leading companies, organisations and governments worldwide keep their people and workplaces productive, healthy and safer with Teamgo visitor management.

Committed to your privacy and security​

Part of our mission is to create software products that can be trusted by any organisation. We strive to meet the highest standards in your data's privacy and security.

Improved Security

Our policies and controls are designed to protect the collection, use, and disclosure of users information.


Our secure infrastructure, commitment to reliability, and 3rd party testing work together to safeguard your data.


We’re committed to helping you meet your safer workplace strategies and enhancing our own compliance.

Easy to use web booking software

Streamline your asset booking process with Teamgo’s quick, easy, and secure web dashboard. Book assets online, manage bookings, and invite guests effortlessly.

  • Efficient asset booking: Easily find and book assets through the user-friendly Teamgo web dashboard.

  • Seamless guest management: Include guests in asset bookings, check availability, and add them to invitations.

  • Simplified pre-registrations: Add assets to visitor pre-registrations, ensuring a smooth check-in process.

  • Hassle-free invites: Send booking invitations to guests, providing them with all the necessary details.

  • Secure and user-friendly: Enjoy a secure and intuitive interface for employees to manage their bookings and access available assets.

Booking Software
Meeting Room Booking

Manage your bookable workplace assets

Optimize your asset management with Teamgo’s feature-rich asset booking functionality. Easily add assets, assign availability, and gather crucial information for seamless scheduling.

  • Custom booking calendars: Add all your assets with dedicated booking calendars for efficient management.

  • Flexible availability: Assign availability times and create schedules to streamline asset bookings.

  • Detailed feature information: Include essential details on available features and options for each asset.

  • Streamlined data collection: Add forms to gather additional information, ensuring comprehensive booking records.

  • Seamless integration: Download asset iCal files for easy integration with external calendars.

  • Convenient access: Assign a booking URL for effortless external access to streamline the booking process.

Safer and healthier workplaces
with Teamgo


Review visitors before arrival with pre-screening questions and reduce potential risks from entering the workplace.

Contactless Sign-in

Deploy QR code sign in points and use Teamgo mobile apps to reduce surface contact and spread of possible infections.

Vaccine Tracking

Request proof of vaccinations and use visitor records for any contact tracing and auditing of critical events.


Limit the number of people you allow on site and trigger alerts to your office managers when capacity limits are reached.

Reporting & analytics

Unlock workplace efficiency and gain insights with advanced reporting and analytics. Seamlessly integrate and make data-driven decisions.

  • Enhanced security: Proactively detect threats and optimize security measures with comprehensive visitor behavior analysis.

  • Operational efficiency: Streamline workflows, allocate staff effectively, and identify peak periods through visitor data analysis.

  • Improved visitor experiences: Personalize interactions based on preferences and feedback, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Actionable insights: Leverage data to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement.

  • Optimize resource allocation: Utilize analytics to allocate resources efficiently and improve operational productivity.

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