Contact Tracing Privacy Policy

Additional privacy terms applicable to Contact Tracing capabilities

Last updated on 17th March, 2021

COVID-19 Data Privacy

We treat the collection of COVID-19 related data as we do all other system information for the purpose of visitor record keeping. Depending on how a Customers configure the system, a Visitor will consent to the collection of:

  • mobile phone number — so that Visitors can be contacted if needed for contact tracing
  • name — so health officials can confirm they are speaking to the right person when performing contact tracing. A partial name is allowed.
  • age range — so health officials can measure and prioritise cases for contact tracing.
  • postcode — to make sure health officials from the right State or Territory who work in your area can contact you and identify potential hotspot areas.

We store all visitor registration information, device diagnostic information and contact data, in our web software data cloud. The cloud facility utilises infrastructure located in Australia, specifically Amazon Web Services (AWS) located in Sydney Australia, which has been classified as appropriate for storage of data up to the ‘protected’ security level.

Customers may anonymise or delete visitor records at anytime. Customers are able to automate the anonymisation and deletion of records at any time. 

Visitors may contact us and request removal of their data at any time as required by the Privacy Act 1988.

Contact us 

Please direct all complaints and queries in relation to your privacy or this policy to:

Privacy Officer
Teamgo Pty Limited
PO BOX 3588, Rundle Mall
5000, South Australia
Phone: +61 8 8876 5006
E-mail address: [email protected]

Teamgo Visitor Management assists with contact tracing efforts. This is done by collecting visitor arrival and departure information. If you incur a critical event at the workplace you can assist contact tracing teams by providing current and historical visitor data. 

The features you use with Teamgo Visitor Management and how you configure and software will determine the type of data collected and the accuracy of your records.

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