Teamgo Totem 15

$899.00$1,599.00 inc. GST

iPad Compatibility

Teamgo Totem 15 Kiosk is available for iPad 10th Gen or iPad Air 13 only.

Branding and Design

Depending on the configuration you choose, the kiosk can have default colour or custom printed panels in full colour.

  • No label printer with “i” information icon
  • With label printer and text “please sign in”
  • With or without label printer and your own custom artwork (see artwork specifications)

When selecting the option to Add Design in the check out order, we will contact you for artwork details and setup guides. Teamgo will product the artwork to your specification, all you need to do is provide your branding assets (logo etc) and what message you wish to include.

T Series Totem

The world’s most advanced integrated tablet-based kiosk system, designed to give your visitors, customers and staff members a sense of comfort and direction while providing unrivalled visual impact and functionality. The ergonomic design is engineered for comfortable and accessible usage for all with touch screen, controls and print-outs all within easy reach.

Branding and Message Front and Centre

T Series gives your visitors the ultimate first impression. Interchangeable polypropylene graphic panels communicate your message, highlight your brand and help visitors find their way. Reskin your kiosk quickly and easily, giving your kiosk stands future possibilities to run new campaigns, change completely the usage of the stand or keep the kiosk up to date with new company branding.

Modular and Integrated

The integration of printers and peripherals is seamless, with power and data connections neatly concealed within the stand allowing permanent powering of tablets and devices. The internally housed power board allows the powering of multiple devices with a single external cable ensuring clean and professional installs can be completed with a minimum of fuss.
The key-locked case ensures your device is secured from unwanted tampering by members of the public, while access to hidden controls is only the turn of a key away.

Graphic Options and Lead Times

By default, T Print B15 comes with generic plain black or white panels and a “Sign In Here” message posted above the tablet. If you prefer not to show this sign in message and would like the stand blank, this panel can be reversed. When ordered with generic signage, we aim to ship T Print B15 within 1-2 business days.

The power of T Series, however, is in it’s ability to be custom branded. Artwork is printed directly onto tough and robust polypropylene panels. Lead time for custom branded panels is usually between 2-5 weeks depending on when receipt of your artwork falls within our cycle.


  • iPad 10th Gen, 64Gb Wifi
  • Totem 15 Kiosk Kit
  • 2m right angle charging cable
  • Setup instructions
  • Installation accessories


  • Brother QL-820NWB printer
  • Custom branded

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