Be Active, Not Reactive – The Urgent Need for Effective Visitor Management

Emergencies can happen at any time, in any place. Whether you’re running a school, university, office building, construction site, or hospital, the safety and security of everyone in your facility should be a top priority. But how prepared are you to handle critical events? Today, we’ll explore how Teamgo’s Visitor Management system can help you stay ahead of emergencies and keep everyone in your workplace safe. This isn’t just another task on your to-do list, it’s a responsibility you can’t afford to ignore. 

Be Active, Not Reactive: The Core Principle

The key to managing emergencies effectively is to be proactive rather than reactive. Being prepared and informed can make all the difference when a crisis strikes. With Teamgo, you have the tools you need to ensure your workplace is ready for anything.

Emergency Alerts for Visitor Management

One of the standout features of Teamgo is the ability to send instant email and SMS alerts to your visitors and employees during emergencies. Imagine a critical event occurring in your workplace. The toll on productivity, people, and finances can be devastating if not handled promptly. Teamgo’s critical event messaging system ensures you can instantly notify everyone involved, minimising the impact and keeping people informed. 

Instant, Free, Reliable Messaging

All Teamgo subscriptions include unlimited, free emergency SMS and email messaging. This means you can keep your workplaces safe and compliant without worrying about additional costs. Instant communication is crucial during emergencies, and Teamgo makes it seamless and reliable. 

Location-Based Alerts

In a large organisation with multiple locations, ensuring complete coverage during an emergency can be challenging. Teamgo allows you to send important alerts across one or multiple locations, guaranteeing that everyone, no matter where they are, is informed and can take necessary action. 

Live Reporting

During a crisis, knowing who is still on site and their important contact information is vital. Teamgo’s live reporting feature allows you to see this information in real-time, so you can keep in touch and locate people quickly and efficiently.

Safer and Healthier Workplaces with Teamgo

But safety extends beyond just emergencies. Teamgo offers a range of features designed to maintain a safer and healthier workplace every day. 

  • Screening: Pre-screen visitors before they arrive with questions that can reduce potential risks. 
  • Contactless Sign-In: Deploy QR code sign-in points and use Teamgo mobile apps to reduce surface contact and the spread of infections.
  • Health & Safety: Request health information and vaccine certificates to protect your workplace from exposure to illnesses. 
  • Capacity Management: Limit the number of people on site and trigger alerts when capacity limits are reached. 

Comprehensive Features Included with All Plans

Emergency Activation, Texts, Check In, Discover Who is On Your Property

Teamgo’s visitor management system is designed to cover all your needs, from the most basic to the most complex:

  • Free iPad App: Display contactless or touchscreen sign-in at your workplaces.
  • QR Codes: Use for identification, scan to sign-in, and contactless visitor management.
  • Notifications: Send instant notifications with email and SMS when visitors or deliveries arrive or in emergencies.
  • Unlimited Users and Kiosks: No limits on the number of user accounts or kiosks.
  • Free Smartphone App: Teamgo Pass for iPhone and Android provides instant QR code scanning and notifications.
  • Free Setup: Assistance in setting up your kiosks and choosing the right features for your workplace.
  • Cloud Hosting: Maintenance and updates are handled by Teamgo, ensuring instant deployment of any changes and new features.
  • Online Support: 24/7 online support with detailed guides, live chat during business hours, and optional account managers.

Be Prepared, Stay Safe

In an emergency, every second counts. The ability to communicate quickly and effectively can save lives, protect assets, and minimise disruption. Teamgo’s comprehensive visitor management system ensures you are always prepared. 

Now that you’re informed about the critical importance of effective visitor management, it’s your responsibility to be prepared. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Equip your workplace with Teamgo and ensure you’re always ready for any situation. Your proactive steps today can prevent disasters tomorrow. 

Be active, not reactive. Choose Teamgo and safeguard your workplace with confidence. 

Geoffrey Go

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