Government QR Codes vs Teamgo

QR (Quick Response) code integration can be beneficial in a variety of industries. The technology provides users with information, efficiency and organisation in addition to safe check-ins. 

However, a stand alone QR code is not a substitute for a visitor management system (VMS). A visitor management system QR code is generated and activated for use as a virtual key allowing access to locked doors, or as a digital pass for elevators and turnstiles, and is set to be used on the pre-registered visit’s specific day and time window.

QR codes do not allow third-party connections

Government QR codes cannot and do not allow third  parties to connect and provide data via API. 

API stands for Application Programming Interface, and it is a software intermediary that allows two applications to communicate with one another. An API is used every time an app like Facebook is used, an instant message is sent or the weather is checked on a smartphone.

QR codes lack check-in information

QR code-generating software does not collect personally identifiable information. The data it does collect, which is visible to the code’s creators, includes location, the number of times the code has been scanned and at what times, plus the operating system of the device which scanned the code (i.e. iPhone or Android). There is also no check-out information that can be collected using QR codes.

QR codes cannot be designed specific for Industries

QR codes were initially invented to help track parts in vehicle manufacturing and they are still used throughout the manufacturing industry. You’ll also find QR codes used by other businesses that need to keep a close eye on products and supplies, such as the construction, engineering and retail industries.

QR codes are a creative method to get people’s attention and communicate with them. QR codes have been improved, making them easier to use on a variety of apps, and more crucially, allows for contactless guest check-in. The adaptability of QR codes has now been used to improve the visitor experience by changing workplace management procedures. By automating check-in operations, QR codes can now speed up critical business functions in a variety of industries.

Public venues vs workspaces

Stand-alone QR codes are a useful system for public venues however, offices and workplaces require a more thorough structure. 

Businesses that collect personal information through a QR code and check-in app must take reasonable precautions to ensure that the information is stored securely. To do so, users must first understand where and how the data collected is stored.

It is also critical to ensure that only need-to-know staff have access to the portal or database used to store this personal information and that the database has appropriate access permissions and controls.

Users must also consider storing this data separately from your CRM database and other databases, as this will help to ensure that the data is only used for its intended purpose and that it can be easily destroyed once it is no longer required.

Organisations must also ensure that a data breach response plan incorporates the personal information gathered via the QR code and check-in app.

The good news: government QR and visitor management can be used simultaneously

For a smoother and contactless check-in, visitor management systems with QR codes have become a practical component of post-pandemic living.

But why is a QR code so important in a visitor management system? QR codes:

  • Make the check-in process as simple and quick as possible.
  • Ensure a better visitor experience.
  • Enable automatic alerts when a visitor scans a QR code.

Visitors and staff will have a more efficient and professional experience with visitor management using QR code scanning. QR codes are used for identification and sign-in purposes within a visitor management system and make use of current infrastructure, reduces queues, decongest reception areas and allow for a touchless check-in process without compromising security.

Visitors or contractors are sent a unique QR code via email before arriving at an office or facility. This QR code can be scanned at doorways, turnstiles and front desk iPads.

The appropriate QR code sign-in system ensures that everyone including employees, contractors, visitors and guests has a convenient and welcoming experience from the time they schedule their arrival until they leave the premises.

During the global pandemic, a VMS is also a frontrunner in terms of protecting employees and visitors and facilitating a return to “normal life”.


Check-in instantly with QR codes.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the world of QR codes and their importance in keeping workplaces and the wider community safe. Checking-in your employees and visitors shouldn’t be a headache and QR codes are a contactless, efficient and user-friendly way to gather the information you need, whilst keeping your business safe. Why

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